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Knowing How To Analyse An Opportunity BEFORE Spending any money


To be successful network marketing – knowing how to analyse an opportunity BEFORE spending a dime will save you years of struggle, frustration and starting from scratch over and over again.  On the other hand, if you have already signed on the dotted line with a company and are struggling to create that income from home as an online network marketer, I strongly suggest and recommend that you find a mentor with a servant’s heart to help you look at the opportunity you are currently in to see where there can be some improvements made. Usually it is just a matter of learning some skills, a network marketing education if you will.

How many times have you started a network marketing company, only to find frustration with the duplicable system, the up line support is next to zero or non existent and the compensation plan just does not add up as you were shown in the presentation?

How many times have you been burned? That’s right. You thought you saw the light at the end of the tunnel; had an organization of twenty, thirty or even hundreds in your down line when…BAM! Something turned it off. You found yourself holding the bag. Sound familiar? Perhaps you were terminated without cause, the company went out of business or changed it’s business model from MLM to direct sales.  Heaven forbid the company may  decided that it does not need  sales reps at all of any kind, direct or MLM distributors.  What happens then?

My hope would be that you would determine just how much of a risk the company you are thinking of joining will be before you join.  But if you find that you skipped that step and are in a company now,  there is still a way to determine how much you are risking by  using the 5 Pillars technology. Once you read the book Success in10 Steps written by Michael Dlouhy you will, when finished the free training course,  have an equivalent of a University degree in Network Marketing.

You will learn:

  • How to avoid scams that are masked as legitimate MLM Companies and turn out to be pyramid schemes

  • What is the best compensation plan?

  • What is the best system for duplication?

  • What is the best MLM company for YOU?

  • What to say and when to say it.

Just imagine how you would feel if you were NEVER scammed again, could finally create a residual walk away  income of 10K a month or even more and could finally say I have found a company that I can call HOME.

Just what is your desired income, perhaps an extra £1000 a month is good enough for you?  Will your Policies and Procedures as well as your compensation plan allow you to retire and/or will your business to your heirs.

The Policies and Procedures will in most cases indicate that you can retire or leave your residual income to your heirs; succession. But, have you read them close enough to know that there may be qualifications that MUST be met by your heirs, or even qualifications that may prevent you from ever retiring.  Oh you can retire whenever you wish, but in most contracts in MLM if you decide to retire and do not caring on with your training responsibilities and your team building responsibilities; you will no longer be eligible to receive YOUR residual income that YOU created.  Making it impossible for you to retire and take a vacation when you want if you still want to receive that residual income that you worked so hard for.  This income, if you choose to walk away from a contract written like this will now roll right back to the company. OUCH!!

Read your PnPs for your self.  Look for words such as “on-going” training, responsibilities, succession. What do your heirs have to do to qualify to receive what you have willed to them in your last will and testament?  How will your heirs feel when they realize that in order for them to receive what you have willed to them, they MUST sign up as a distributor and perform all the same duties that you do now?… Recruiting, selling, pitching your deal, training your down line.

You can  put any company to the 5Pillars test.  Using the 5 qualifications listed in the 5 Pillars qualifying technology that will allow you to determine what your chances of success and or failure will be with any company.  You can find out what the 5 Pillars technology is by contacting us and we would be honoured to explain this important tool for evaluating a business opportunity.

What would have happened if you had the ability to properly analyse an opportunity before you decide to spend a dime? If that sounds like what you want, then give us a call and we would be honoured to share with you what we have learned over the past few years.

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” — Galileo


Your Vision of the future, lies from within

Gray Lawrence The greatest freedom is to be responsible. –Lazaris

Is there a Secret book on Success

From The Secret Daily Teachings                                                                                   Your job is you and only you. When you are working in harmony with the law, no-one can come between you and the Universe. However if you think another person can get in the way of what you want, then you have done a flip to the negative. Focus on creating what you want. You are the centre of divine operation in your life, and your partner is the Universe. No one can get in the way of your creation. May the joy be with you,
Rhonda Byrne

What if there was a secret book somewhere that could virtually guarantee your success, would you want to know where it was? What if there were unwritten rules and laws inside that book that only a small number of people knew about and what if those laws could literally change your whole life; would you play by those rules and adhere to those laws in order to have the life you really want? Would that secret book be your Bible?

Think about it for a moment; if you were handed a secret book with a set of rules and a simple but powerful formula to follow that would allow you to own your life, would you read that book from front to back cover and put the secrets to work for you or would you leave it standing idle on your bookshelf and forget about it?

If you’re ready to push aside your past and plan a future that is everything you’ve ever wanted, what follows is a secret formula to making millions in your MLM that is more valuable than any book you will ever read. Let’s take a look at it…

From The Secret Daily Teachings                                                                               2It is not enough to know the principles in The Secret – you must DO them, unceasingly, every single day. You must LIVE the principles. Step by step you will become the master of your thoughts and feelings, and the master of your life. There is nothing more important than this, because your whole future life relies on you. May the joy be with you,”
Rhonda Byrne

5 Secrets To Changing Your Life

  • The First Secret – Your Past is NOT Your Future.

We are all influenced by the past. It might be that our parents, peers or siblings presented us with situations and challenges when we were young children that we were not always comfortable with and that we struggled to come through in the way we would have wanted to. This is simply a part of life but for some, this time of failure (as it is often viewed), leaves a heavy footprint in the sand.


The secret to creating the future you desire and truly deserve is to leave this footprint behind. Allow the sea to wash over it until the footprint is washed away. Now move on…

Are you waiting for success to arrive, or are you going out to find where it is hiding?
If you are waiting for success to seek you out, you are headed for a big disappointment. Success is rarely forced upon anyone, and it will never overtake you unexpectedly. You must prepare for it and actively seek it out if you ever plan to achieve any measure of success in your life. Constantly be alert to changes in your business or profession. Subscribe to trade magazines and professional journals, join industry associations or professional societies, and get to know the experts in the field in order to keep abreast of new developments. Napoleon Hill

  • The Second Secret – Your Beliefs Become Your Reality.

The human mind is more powerful that any computer. It has the ability to store an unlimited amount of information and solve the most complex problems and has taken our species from the dark ages to a place where we are now globally connected in ways many of our ancestors could only dream of. We all have the power to create change and develop ideas into life changing realities. Those who we remember for their achievements and inventions had one single thing in common; a belief in what they were able to achieve and that belief enabled them to create what we remember them for. Edison’s first electric light bulb, Einstein’s theory of relativity, Levi Strauss’ Denims. We remember their achievements and inventions which were a result of their belief in a new reality.

When you focus on what you believe will be your achievements and see them mapped out in front of you (goal by goal), your beliefs become your reality over time and your journey, struggle by struggle, simply becomes a part of the process of getting to where you are going.

“Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality.” – Ralph Marston


  • The Third Secret – Your Actions Become Your Habits.

Affirmations create long term mental change and are valuable to the process of change. Results come from a different place and are achieved as an output of some kind of action. Great results are the outcome of focused activity, while poor results are the outcome of unplanned random acts (subconsciously intended to fail).

Successful entrepreneurs have three basic attributes in common; strong work ethic, self belief and laser targeted focus on the task in hand. This doesn’t mean you should never have more than one thing in the pot when you are planning to cook up some serious change. In contrast, wealth is often created through multiple streams of income. The key to creating that wealth, though, is to focus and complete one task at a time. Creating, planning and carrying out many tasks over time that will have a deep impact on the overall plan you have put in place.

Understand why you want to achieve change and then put a detailed plan in place of how that change will take place. Once your plan is in place, break it down into daily, weekly and monthly tasks that you must complete and watch your actions become the habits of a successful entrepreneur.

“Everything can be holy–every moment we live can be holy–and all we need to do to experience that state is to make the decision to do so. Through that intention, we can truly” – Maggie Oman Shannon

“The goal is not to be better than anyone else but rather be better than you were yesterday.” – Jon Gordon


  • The Fourth Secret – Your Heart Will Lead To Wealth.

Business is often seen as the domain of grey suits, reserved relationships and serious conversation and at times this is needed. There is a place also for laughter, love and deep connections. Connecting with your customers, business partners and team members and creating the type of workplace or business that doesn’t feel like work and feels more like a cause. Creating great connections brings people together behind a cause and allows you to bring people with you on your journey.

These connections will help you to truly unlock the secret and throw open the door to riches by creating the lifestyle you are searching for. A life unrestricted by the “norms” and expectations of business life and led by your heart and not your head.

  • The Fifth Secret – Your Goals Are Greater Than Your Gain.

Great gifts are often wrapped in simple paper. When we begin this journey we’re often so deep in debt or feeling so lost in our current place in life, that our focus is on something that is simply material. We’d like a new car or a holiday with the family or we would do anything to have an extra few thousand in our bank account each month. These material things will only carry us so far on this journey and after a while will cease to inspire us to reach our true potential.


The secret to creating the life you know is out there waiting for you is to have a goal that is truly bigger than your gain. This is different for each of us and will only come to you when you are ready to receive it. When it does, make it your legacy and your journey will fall into place.

The Secret Book – Changing Your Life

Changing your life and creating the future you desire starts when you make a decision to fulfil your dream. You may be focused on your current problems, your challenges and concerns right now and have little more in your sights than that looming credit card bill or mortgage payment. You may hate your job and the people you work with or feel that your social life has simply vanished beneath a pile of personal responsibilities and free time is nothing but a dream. These are real challenges and often take over our lives without being invited to..

When we push through these challenges we are able to make a space for the things we truly value to come into focus; our family and loved ones, our health and happiness and our true desire to leave the world a better place through our actions and achievements. This is the real secret.

by Neil Ashworth on January 11, 2012


This decade is going to be a BIG one for the multi level marketing industry and 2012 is likely to be the year MLM really takes off but before you head off into the wilderness and find yourself up at all hours searching for the best MLM to join take a few minutes to read the steps below and set yourself off on the right foot.

Let’s begin!

Multi level marketing is a proven and time tested business model, but for many it is still the land that time forgot. A place where only the brave (or some say foolish) will ever go and where great MLM monsters walk the land waiting for some unsuspecting newcomer to pick up and devour. Face facts, network marketing has had its share of horror stories over the years but are those stories a fair reflection of the industry and what it can offer you in 2012 and beyond?

I don’t believe YOU should ever believe what others tell you is the truth, until you can stand and review the information being provided to you feeling truly informed and knowledgeable. Without knowledge you have no control over your future and with knowledge your future is truly limitless.

The seven steps below will allow you to gather that knowledge and do your due diligence before committing your future (or not) to the wonderful world of MLM.

For a goal to come true:                                                                                            You must write it down, make it specific and give it a dead line; you must look at it every day; you must understand and pay the price; you must have a plan to start with… Gray Lawrence

Gray Lawrence

Independent Distributor (UW)

Opportunities are never lost. . . . They are found by someone else!” – Mike Mc Donald


Network Marketing Training and System

Quote of the Day:
The two foes of human happiness are pain and boredom.
–Arthur Schopenhauer

imageOne of the biggest keys in getting people to come to you is knowing what buttons to push.  It may seem and sound simple, but it’s actually not as straight forward or as easy as one might think.   It can take some serious organising of your confidence and thought patterns.  Anytime you give your prospect any kind of  message, you have to thoroughly examine it before you offer this valuable information and make sure what you are trying to say (not sell) to them are the things that really matter to them.  It could be anything from Financial Freedom to Time with the family, it is what they want that you must understand.

To this day, despite the personal experiences I have been through, with the sales and marketing pitches learned from company courses  I have in the past found myself selling the wrong benefits to my prospects, usually through over excitement, but with the right training and support this is easily over come.  Never forget a good book on  “Positive Mental Attitude” and a good guide “To Network Marketing”  

I’ve learned that it is not enough to just walk a mile in your prospect’s shoes, You have to LIVE in them. Look from the outside in and feel what they feel and ask questions of what it is I want from this!   It is your task or job to pinpoint and fulfil their true wants and needs and desires, not yours by listening and asking the right questions. It needs to become the predominate thought in your mind.

group of friendsIn our “Network Marketing” industry, what are our prospects really after? More money? More family time or just more time? Freedom from the 9-5?   I do not think so, as these are what we call “Surface Desires” and are as visible as night and day.  You have to look past the  obvious. You have to go deeper than that, this is where training comes in and learning how to ask the right questions Many people in any form of MLM rarely go past this stage, this is where the trained person will succeed more than the person who is not willing to learn. 

Specifics: What about; enough money so that they can take thatimage holiday of a life time? Enough money to pay off all their credit card debt and their car loan so the only major monthly payment left is their mortgage? How about smaller targets or dreams that time prevents? like enough time and the freedom to start exercising for 45 minutes every day like they’ve always wanted to or have the time to enjoy family outings without the pressure’s of life?  But is this still not targeting the real deep down needs, are we or they still going in the wrong direction! A question only the prospect can answer, remember we all have our own needs but most are hidden from us deep down inside our brains as we feel we will never obtain them, so tend to forget they are even there.

These are all end results and they are very important, like taking our first steps as a child until we learn we can do more.  There is  still a huge gap in between where they are now and where they want to be. imageTo put it bluntly It’s your job to fill in that gap!  what they are Really after is a way to obtain these things.  A "how." is inside one’s head but contrary to popular belief, “Network  Marketing” is not a how. It’s a "WHAT."  If money, time, etc. were really all that your prospect was looking for and network marketing really was the answer he needed, then merely telling him that your opportunity can give him a six figure income while working part time from home would be all that was needed to sign him or her up. Now ask yourself does it work that way? No.  That’s because in reality, network marketing might be a way for them to achieve all those things, it is just that the prospect has not been convinced at this moment in time. They have to clearly see that it will work for them first.

Network marketing is just a vehicle and vehicles do not operate themselves. People need to be shown how to work them, training advice and support is where you the sponsor come in.  It’s no different than stocks or real estate – both vehicles that can help you reach an end goal.  No one needs to be convinced that it is POSSIBLE to get rich through those two vehicles. Everyone knows that, but what they don’t know is HOW to use those vehicles to get rich. That’s the missing link that will keeping them on the side lines, pondering “is this for me”?  It is the same system with any MLM opportunity. The desire is already there, of course you have to target the right people, that is those who are looking and be willing to learn.  If you can just give them the how, they will flock to you in droves.

The most burning question your prospect has is: "Is this going to work for ME?"  They see all the circles and the commission levels and the income that can be earned and even all the success stories, but they need to know how all that’s going to happen for them.  It’s very hard to visualize a legitimate six figure a  year business being built from the ground up using a hastily thrown together names list of all the people that they know.  The way you fill in the blanks for them and answer the question of how it is going to work is by emphasizing the most crucial component of any business:

The marketing system being used!.

This is the most important benefit of your opportunity.

Unless you are using warm and cold market prospecting. In which case, this benefit has basically been destroyed. Because if this was the way you came in touch with your prospect was by butting into their lives with a sales pitch they never asked for, whether they already knew you or not you have just shown them exactly how they would be doing business if they joined your opportunity. This is not good because no one wants to be near you or deal with you as they see you as a sales person.
On the other hand if your marketing system drew them to you first and all you did was wait for the call or open your email inbox to find someone who wants more information, how much easier do you think it would be for them to visualize themselves doing what you do? after all, did it not get them to meet you?

Most people in our industry go over board about the products and the company plan and even the timing of  the opportunity, but none of that means anything to a prospect because that does not tell them HOW they’re going to be able to make it work.
Even if they really are getting in an opportunity that’s so unique it really does only come around once in a lifetime, so what? They still have to market the products and the opportunity to other people to make any money.  How are they going to do that?  A good marketing system answers that question because it, above all else, will determine their success or failure.  It gives them the "how" instead of the "what" which is what they’re really looking for.  If you can successful convey this to them, you’ve  made a bullet-proof case that’s literally left them with no reason not to take the next step. 

When you target the right audience, the question is not whether or not they want what you’re offering.  The question is whether they believe it will actually  do what you say it will.

To Your Success,

Your Vision is my Vision
Gray Lawrence

The Greatest leaders of the world were men and women of quick decision -Napoleon Hill

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