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Finding Happiness


“We all have the capability to make a difference, to accept what we are given, to love with our heart and live life to the fullest, or not: it’s up to us.” – Tracy Goodwin

If you want to find the key to happiness, success and abundance, you need to start by evaluating your own opinion of yourself. It’s not always easy to appreciate the hard work you put in every day, the difference you make in the lives of others, and the distance you’re willing to go to make your dreams come true. If it were easy, then everyone would do it, but before you even begin to think about things such as success and failure, you need to come to know yourself, and then you need to learn to love yourself.

Wise Words  “Carefully watch your thoughts, for they become your words. Manage and watch your words, for they will become your actions. Consider and judge your actions, for they have become your habits. Acknowledge and watch your habits, for they shall become your values. Understand and embrace your values, for they become your destiny.” -Mahatma Gandhi

Why is it Challenging to Love Ourselves?

It’s not easy, because as the saying goes, “we are all our own worst critics.” That saying, though it may be cliché, is absolutely correct. We find it difficult to love ourselves because we witness every mistake we make, every personality flaw we carry, every selfish tendency we possess, and we also are the one who knows exactly what we are capable of.

Learning to love yourself is not something that happens overnight, it is learned through experience and effort. Too often society teaches us that we need to look outside ourselves to find out who we really are, but I think the exact opposite is true. If you really want to understand more about your purpose in life, you need to turn inward, not outward. Turning outward will cause you to submit to the pressures of the world and be a person that you aren’t meant to be, but reflecting inward will connect you with your true self, and if you follow your instincts you will never be led astray.

"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts." Marcus Aurelius

How to Love Yourself

The more you reflect inward, the more you will learn about yourself, and through that learning you will come to appreciate what you have to offer the world. You will realize that you are stronger, more intelligent, and more talented than you have ever imagined. You will feel moved to share your gifts with the world, and over time that will transform you into an unselfish person who knows what it means to find success.

If the idea of loving yourself wholeheartedly is foreign to you, try taking the following steps and see what kind of difference it makes:

From The Secret Daily Teachings

Never let a day pass without looking for the good, feeling the good within you, praising, appreciating, blessing, and being grateful. Make it your life commitment, and you will stand in utter awe of what happens in your life. May the joy be with you, Rhonda Byrne

#1: Forgive Yourself for Past and Future Mistakes

Each one of us will make mistakes every day, so you might as well forgive yourself now and get it over with it. Once you learn to forgive yourself of mistakes and move forward, you will be better in control of your emotional state, which will allow you to continue pushing toward your goals of success when mistakes and failures do come up. And here’s a secret: they will always come up!

It is so important that you are grateful for everything in your life. Many people focus on the one thing they want and then forget to be grateful for all the things they have. Without gratitude you cannot achieve anything through the law of attraction, because if you are not emanating gratitude from your being, then by default you are emanating ungratefulness. Be proactive and use the frequency of your being to receive what you want. May the joy be with you,
Rhonda Byrne

#2: Put Your Own Needs First Every Once in a While

Each one of us has our own personal needs, but usually we get too caught up taking care of the needs of others to make time to take care of ourselves. If you want to build more confidence and have positive feelings toward yourself, you need to ask yourself “Is this what I really want?” before you make any important decisions. Don’t make decisions based on the opinions of others, make decisions that are right for you. Over time you will love yourself more for being willing to trust.

"Extend to each person, no matter how trivial the contact, all the care and kindness and understanding and love that you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again." Og Mandino

#3: Make Time to do Things you Love!

The most successful people in the world rarely have a difficult time with their work, because they are involved in things they are deeply passionate about. You can take this same attitude with your life. If you aren’t doing things you love on a routine basis, what is the purpose of living? Of course, make sure you have time to attend to all of your responsibilities, but always leave extra time for the things you love most.

You are led through your life time by the inner learning creature, the playful spiritual being that is you’re real self. Don’t turn away from possible futures before you are certain you don’t have anything to learn from them. You’re always free to change your mind and chose a different future, or a different past. The book Illusions.

Gray Lawrence

“Pure love has no conditions or boundaries. Love does not restrain itself or hold back. Love gives all the time and doesn’t ask for anything in return. Love is a continuous flow without any limits. And all of this is inside you.                                                           May the joy be with you, Rhonda Byrne

From “The Abundance Project” Team


Nothing changed it is not mine, but worth paying attention to it, this will make the world seem a better place for it.  But ass usual I have added an extra PMA messages..

“Don’t wake up in the morning resentful of the day ahead. Smile and hear your soul, clearly saying, ‘Thank you for my adventure – where shall we go today?’” – Susan Sosbe

How Do I Live in the Now? By Akshay Nanavati

“Give your love as waterfalls and sun shines, over every surface, making new life. Your love beckons the seed in another to grow – in great strength to unfurl.” – Barbara Ann Michaels

“Life is set up to bring up what has been bound up so it can open up to be freed up so you can show up for Life!” – Mary O’Malley

A wonderful Message to us all, do seek these experts out Be Inspired with A Positive Mental Attitude


The Power of Giving

If I asked you to think about the last time you gave service to someone and expected nothing in return, how long ago would that have been? Was it a few days ago, a few weeks ago, or a few years ago? How did you feel before, during, and after that experience? Is it something you think you need to do more often than you’re doing right now?

Though most of us rarely sit down and evaluate how great we are at unconditional giving, if you truly want to live an abundant and happy life, learning to give freely and expect nothing in return is absolutely essential. Normally when something is given, the recipient expects something in return. Even if it’s just a small thing, it’s human nature to expect others to “return the favour” so to speak. When that doesn’t happen it can put a strain on the relationship.

Free Yourself Through Unconditional Giving

Even though your friends, your loved ones and complete strangers may expect you to give back when something is given to you, the choice is completely up to you. You may feel obligated to purchase a birthday present for a friend that bought you a present, or flag down another cab so someone else can get out of the rain, but in reality you are the one that is capable of making that decision. I can tell you however, that making the decision to give freely of yourself is the only way to find true happiness and abundance in this life.

If you tell yourself that beginning today you’re going to help everyone without expecting anything in return, what does it do to your mind-set? Suddenly, instead of measuring how much you give against how much you might get in return, you break free of the chains and allow yourself to give without limits. You begin to understand the value of giving and how it can change lives. Once you arrive at that point you are more motivated to give because you see more than just people returning favours—you learn the value of true, selfless service.

3 Consequences of Giving Freely

At the end of the day, I think nothing sums up what happens when you give freely better than the following three things:

#1: You’ll be Happier

Did you know that giving of your time and using your talents to help others makes you happier than doing it for your own benefit? Once you begin giving freely of your time, talents and resources, you’ll feel like you WANT to give instead of feeling like you HAVE to give.

#2: You’ll be Able to Focus on What Matters Most

When you opt for giving unconditionally, you begin to see how you can help the most people in the most efficient way. You’ll discover what you are really good at, and instead of spending time trying to help people with things you haven’t mastered on your own, you’ll be able to focus on areas that you know well and are important to you. This will have a more powerful effect on the ones you help, and it will also free up more time for you to enjoy the other important things in life.

#3: Others Will Have a Desire to Help You

Even though your motivation for giving isn’t focused on what you can get from others, as a natural result, the people around you will want to help you more in your life. Because you are serving on a regular basis you will understand first hand how the power of service can change lives, so that will also make you less reluctant to accept help from others.

“We all have the capability to make a difference, to accept what we are given, to love with our heart and live life to the fullest, or not: it’s up to us.” – Tracy Goodwin

The Power is from within, the choice is yours
Gray Lawrence

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” Nido Qubein

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