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Be Inspired by Dr. Linda Berry

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"Remember that no matter what the difficulty is, no matter where it is, no matter who is affected, you have no patient but yourself; you have nothing to do but convince yourself of the truth which you desire to see manifest." Charles Haanel

The 5-Fold Path to Bliss: Go Beyond Stress to Renewal


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If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I’d want to pass along to others…

Ancient Taoists discovered how to make bliss happen. And modern science validated the landing sites for chemicals that create bliss. Stress blocks bliss.

Like many, I’ve had significant stress. Growing up in an alcoholic family, I was sad most of my life … Then I had my dream life as a dancer and choreographer!

But at 24 years old, it was ripped away from me when I crashed through a windshield smashing my spine. When I woke up, I was paralyzed from the waist down.

With long years of effort, I’ve overcome those obstacles to enjoy glimmers of bliss. You can too by following this simple path. It empowers anyone to achieve blissful moments of union with the divine.

1. Eliminate Irritants: Irritants come in many forms: chemical, emotional, physical, sexual, environmental, mental, and spiritual. Irritants damage your health and well being. To achieve bliss, you must identify what’s irritating you and eliminate it. But sometimes you can’t. Sometimes you must accept what is and come to peace with its presence in your life to feel happiness.

2. Nourish Yourself: What’s nourishing to you may irritate another. Nourishment comes on many levels. Food, drink, art, beauty, and nature, are all forms of nourishment. The company that you keep can benefit you or drag you down. The way you feed your senses, your spirit, and your mind also adds to or subtracts from owning ecstasy.

3. Get Comfortable in Your Body: Growing up Catholic, I read about saints’ lives. Some suffered terrible pain yet still knew religious ecstasy. Not many can do that. To get comfortable in your body, you need to do more than get out of pain. Society is jammed with messages that you’re not OK. Getting comfortable in your body means feeling you’re OK however you are.

4. Use Your Natural Resources: You have three power plants in your body: your heart, your smile, and your sexuality. How do you feel when something makes you happy? Aren’t you charged up when you feel love? Throughout the ages religions try to control sexual expression because of its power. Yet systems of enlightenment use sexual power to grow the spiritual self. Use your natural resources to grow bliss.

5. Love, Admire, and Respect Yourself and Others: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you is the Golden Rule. But what about recognizing your success? You deserve admiration for all you’ve accomplished. Would you act the way you do if you treated yourself with respect? Give love, admiration, and respect to others … and also to yourself to expand into moments of bliss.

“If you let your background keep you from moving forward you will always be a background singer.” – Derrick Hayes


The Power is from within, the choice is yours
Gray Lawrence

Independent Distributor

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"Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start." Nido Qubein

Successful Networker Body Language

A subject I feel many do not understand

Change your mental attitude, and the world around you will change accordingly.
Your world will become what you choose to make it. You can reach great heights of success, or you can settle for a miserable life that is devoid of hope. The choice is yours. When you choose a positive course, you set in motion an unstoppable force that will allow you to have a fulfilling career, the love of your family and friends, good physical and mental health, and all of the other true riches of life. To change your world, you must change it from the inside out. You must begin with yourself. When you choose the course that puts your life on a positive track, you will change your life for the better, and you will also positively influence the people with whom you come in contact. Napoleon Hill

‘Your Body Speaks So Loudly, I Cannot Hear What You Say.’

Learn how to Unlock the Secret Code  Behind the Mystery of Body Language…

  • Are They Lying?
  • Do They Hate You?
  • Is She Falling in Love?
  • Is He Ready to Cut a Deal?

You will know and understand Before They Ever Say a Word …

How to Unlock the Mysteries within your World

Every day in your world, there are mysteries all around you. They are hidden in the body language of people you come in contact with.

But, like most folks, you are probably running through life so fast, you don’t stop and observe what’s really going on.   This is not unusual .

Very few people even think twice about the “Nonverbal Body Signals” that appear everywhere … much less even notice them.

But what if you could learn to unlock some of these mysterious behaviours?

How Much of Life Are You Missing Out On?

Estimates range as high as 80%. That means that 8 out of every 10 "conversations" are never spoken… or 80 out of 100 … or 800 out of 1,000.

But before we get into all that you’re missing … and what you can do about it …

The benefits in my military life of which there were many, along the way, I learned how to enrich my life even more by applying these powerful nonverbal keys to everyday encounters. It helped me to understand the differences between us all and as a manger, it was the biggest self help discipline I could have  on understanding others whether it was staff or anyone within the military establishments I worked in. Without knowing it I became someone where staff and member’s of my family, or community appreciated how I knew so much without asking!

These are the keys to unlock the mysteries in your world. With those keys, you can take your life to a whole new level

Instantly Discover What’s Really Going On All Around You

Once you learn the secrets of nonverbal communications, you’ll be able to see and interpret the world in mind-boggling fashion.

For example, consider the power of understanding nonverbal in the following situations …

  • During a job interview, your interviewer continues squinting at you.

What’s she trying to tell you?

  • Even though the poker player showed no change in his facial expression, I knew very quickly I’d better fold and not bet any more.

Perhaps you would have played on?

  • I noticed when a celebrity couple on a piece of news, they were recently photographed in public and were smiling. The man was delicately touching his wife’s waist with his finger tips.

Still in love? … Food for thought! But doubt it!

  • After a long conference meeting, I was speaking with one of the officers about a military exercise related to the conference we just sat in on. He was speaking freely and very politely, with a pleasant facial expression. Yet something about his nonverbal behaviour told me he had to leave right away.

How did I know?  Well without thinking and lots of practice I became a body language student, it becomes easier as you learn and study each and every person you meet and in time the benefits will be staggering.

  • When visiting a member of my staff in the hospital, I quickly noticed that whenever I came into view, he would quickly raise his eyebrows. Initially you feel uncomfortable thinking this is a bad time or some similar thoughts!

Even though he couldn’t speak a word, I knew exactly what he was "telling" me.

  • Early on in the high-stakes negotiations, I noticed that the attorney for the other company barely said a word. However, while the contract was being read, I could quickly tell whenever he had an issue.

What tipped me off and saved both companies valuable time in sealing the deal?

  • I heard the woman calling her child. It was time to return home after a fun day at the park. The child did not utter a word in protest. Yet, I knew she had no intentions of leaving.

What did the mother miss that could have helped make the transition easier and more enjoyable for both of them?

  • After a hectic week, the husband asked his wife if she wanted to go out for dinner. "Yes, honey," she said and smiled. But there was something about her smile that said "No."

What did the husband fail to observe that could have given their evening and relationship a big-time boost?

So, no matter what the relationship, learning to quickly decode nonverbal signals will pay you huge dividends.

Think about it. Your life is one constant relationship with other people.

Knowing what they’re "telling" you without their saying a word, well, that’s pretty exciting.

It’s always been exhilarating for me.

And there’s no reason at all why you can’t get in on all the fun and adrenaline rush.

Do You Believe in Magic?

Just so you don’t think that decoding nonverbal behaviour is some sort of black magic, let me explain why it’s possible.

See, there’s a portion of your brain called the "limbic system."

Your limbic brain is where nonverbal communications are generated. It reacts to the world totally spontaneously and in real time … without any thought required on your part.

This means that the limbic brain is responsible for your instantaneous and honest nonverbal behaviour … you can’t avoid or fake this.

These honest actions portray themselves through your body parts … feet, legs, arms, face, eyes, etc.

So, you can see, the limbic brain provides all you need to decipher what a person is really "telling" you … without their even knowing it!

Your Life Can Be 80% Fuller and More Productive
When You Understand the Unspoken Conversations

Imagine …

  • The edge you’ll have in important "career" meetings … knowing what everyone is "telling" you with his or her body language.
  • How knowing what your spouse or life partner is nonverbally "telling" you in certain situations will help boost your relationship … even add some excitement and romance.
  • How observing and instantly decoding your kids’ nonverbal signals could make your life and theirs a dream … and a bunch more fun.
  • The next time you’re negotiating a deal for that dream car you’ve always wanted … you’ll know right away if the sales manager is being honest about whether or not there’s still room for a lower price … he won’t have a clue.
  • All the added excitement and fun you’ll now have … that others may totally miss out on.

And I’m sure you can imagine endless encounters with people where you can benefit even more.

And that’s where I come in … to help you quickly master all this.

Follow These Golden Rules to Success

Well, to help folks like you master nonverbal communications, I created the easy-to-follow "10 Cardinal Rules of Nonverbal Communication."

As you quickly learn how to incorporate these rules into your everyday life, it will become second nature for you to interpret nonverbal behaviour … it will become automatic.

It will be like learning how to ride a bike or drive your car.

Remember how excited you were when you mastered those … how they opened up an entire new world for you?

Well, that’s nothing.

Once you master the 10 Cardinal Rules, you’ll see how totally rewarding 80% of the communications you’ve been missing can really be … and using the rules can be downright fun!

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you’ll never cease to grow.

— Anthony J. D’Angelo

10 Cardinal Rules for You to Master the Secrets of Nonverbal Behaviour

  • Rule 1: Be a competent observer of your environment.

This is the most basic requirement for anyone wishing to fully master the benefits of nonverbal behaviour.

The problem is that most people spend their lives looking … but not truly seeing.

I can instantly show you how to observe without being intrusive.

  • Rule 2: You have to observe all nonverbal communications in context.

This involves learning how to filter some out and understanding those nonverbal signals that are expected.

For example, if you came upon a traffic accident scene and observed people in shock walking around dazed … don’t you think this type of nonverbal behaviour is expected? Of course it is.

So, learning how to observe expected behaviour in the context of the situation is key.

Once I demonstrate to you how to decode expected nonverbal behaviour, you’ll quickly decipher that which is not.

  • Rule 3: Determine if the behaviours you’re seeing are limbic or cultural.

Your limbic system is the part of your brain that reacts reflexively and automatically to the world around you.

It is the honest part of your brain that generates the instantaneous nonverbal signals that we’re most interested in. As far as cultural behaviours, they are obviously based on a person’s environment and upbringing.

For example, in some cultures, shaking your head from side to side actually means "yes."

So, being able to determine and decipher these two types of behaviours is important in getting closer to understanding what a person is really "telling" you … and I’ll help you do just that.

  • Rule 4: Determine whether the behaviour is unique to the individual or not.

There’s plenty of universal behaviour out there.

But observing and learning nonverbal behaviour unique to an individual is an important element. Why? Well, understanding the person’s unique behaviour helps you better understand the communication.

For example, when I get stressed, I raise the pitch of my voice. If you knew this, you would be able to know when I’m stressed and be able to act accordingly.

I’ll show you how to decipher this and use it to your benefit.

  • Rule 5: Look for clusters of behaviour.

You may have already guessed that people don’t always send just single nonverbal signals.

The more signals you understand, the better your chances of deciphering the full picture.

For example, in a business situation, if I see a competitor display a pattern of nonverbal stress signals followed closely by pacifying behaviour signals, I can be more confident he is bargaining from a position of weakness.

Clusters of behaviour provide you with more assurance that what you deciphered is accurate.

I’ll give you plenty of examples of what to look for here and show you how powerful interpreting cluster behaviour really is.

  • Rule 6: Establish an individual’s baseline behaviour.

Without doing this, you’ll have a difficult time deciphering his or her behaviour.

By observing and examining what’s normal behaviour, you’ll begin to recognize and identify the abnormal … which you’re most interested in.

You need to differentiate between what the person’s normal face looks like, compared with one that’s stressed.

I’m ready to tell you more on how easy this is to discover.

  • Rule 7: Look for changes in the individual’s behaviour that can signal changes in thoughts, emotions, interest, or intent.

This goes hand-in-hand with rule 6.

Once you have established a person’s baseline behaviour, you’re ready to look for spontaneous changes that tip off what the individual is really "telling" you. These automatic behaviour changes happen because of a person’s limbic brain … changes that happen immediately in real-time.

For example, let’s say on Friday you let your spouse know that on Saturday you’ve planned a night out with your friends,  Your spouse might smile and say, "Great! Go have a good time," but inside he or she is actually irritated. And you know because his or her limbic brain created nonverbal behaviour spontaneously and involuntarily, letting you know his or her real thoughts.

  • Rule 8: Learn to identify misleading or false signals.

As you know, I spent a good deal of my life interviewing/interrogating people.

Some of them were very good at trying to cover up and mask their immediate nonverbal reactions.

I’ll give you some simple steps on how to read this and focus in on their initial spontaneous reactions … the most "telling" nonverbal signals.

(Oh, By the way, the program I created for you has the same material I used to teach at the FBI Academy and train counterintelligence agents … intriguing spy-catcher stuff. It’s been tested and proven a thousand times over in real life.)

  • Rule 9: The observations you make should be nonintrusive.

This simply has to do with not making your intentions obvious when observing people’s behaviour.

For example, I remember the first time I went to work in New York City. My first day there, I was on the subway. A man next to me was displaying some really interesting nonverbal, and I was intently "observing" his every move.

But I was doing it all wrong … and he could feel it. It wasn’t long before he turned to me and abruptly said, "Did you lose something on me mister?"

I quickly discovered that there is a right and wrong way to observe the nonverbal. I’ll show you how to do it right.

  • Rule 10: Any time you observe a behaviour, determine if it’s from comfort or discomfort.

You will learn that most behaviour triggered by your limbic brain falls into these two categories.

This is fundamental to how to learn nonverbal communications.

Learning to identify comfort and discomfort behaviour accurately in others will help you better decipher what their bodies and minds are really "telling" you.

Power to See the ‘Unseen’

Remember, once you master the skill of decoding nonverbal, it can be used in all avenues of your life … it seems as if every day I find new, rewarding ways to use it. Let me give you a real-life example …

She Said ‘YES,’ but What Were Her Nonverbal Sayings?

A friend of mine knew a lady whom worked as a human resource executive for a major corporation, told me she began noticing  after our discussion on the “Nonverbal” 

She put her knowledge to good use just a few days after returning to her job. "I was responsible for selecting company employees for overseas assignments," she explained.

"When I asked one potential candidate if she wanted to work abroad, her whole body shouted back to me ‘YES!’

"However, when I next mentioned that the destination was Mumbai, India, her positive nonverbal shut down completely. Clearly something was wrong. Noting the change in her body language, I asked why she didn’t want to go there.

"She was astounded. ‘Is it that noticeable? I didn’t say anything. Did someone else say something to you?’ she asked in a startled voice.

"I told her I could ‘sense’ she wasn’t pleased with the intended work location. ‘You’re right,’ she admitted, ‘I thought I was being considered for Hong Kong, where I have a few friends.’

"It was obvious she did not want to go to India, and her nonverbal left no doubt about her feelings on the matter."

Never let an opportunity pass you by, because when you do all other opportunity that went with that life path is gone forever, and who knows where that might have led! –unknown

Think of what this friend had done by saving the company by quickly identifying the candidate’s true feelings. All sorts of time and money could have been wasted if Julie hadn’t been aware of this slight nonverbal "comment."

Been in a situation like this before? Wished you could read what the person was really "telling" you?

These are the secrets to quickly decode these kinds of situations and unlock the mysteries in your own life.

Unlocking the power of the  Nonverbal Will Change Your Life

Unlock the Secret Mysteries of the World Around YOU

What Would Mastery of The Power of Body Language Mean to You, Your Family, and Your Lifestyle?

From my own experiences and many others, that have mastered the skills of observing and deciphering nonverbal body language, we find our lives have changed forever.

There’s absolutely no price I can put on the value of this skill … I’m sure those who have mastered it would agree.

And now it’s YOUR turn.

Enter a New World for Less Than You Think

He Thought Their Relationship Was on the Rocks …
but Was It Really?

I was with a friend recently and he was very keen on learning about body language and pointed to a couple near by.

He asked, "Based on what you see, do you think they’re getting along with each other?"

As we observed the two whom we were observing appeared to be comfortable enough. But as the conversation progressed, their positions where they sat changed.

My friend, seeing a few apparently obvious nonverbal, immediately thought things were going too well between them.

I suggested that he not look at just one or two obvious behaviours and told him about what I call "the most honest part of the body." We moved our attention to the nonverbal that that area was sending, and I assured him that here was a couple still very much in love.

"That behaviour is important," I noted. "It shows they still feel connected."

When the couple got up to leave, the man put his arm around the woman’s waist and they walked out without saying another word. But they didn’t have to … their nonverbal signals "said" it all.

What Is the Most Honest Part of the Body?

This cool story raises another key point I bring out in the program.

People observing others tend to look at just the person’s eyes or face. But you’ll find out that some people work very hard at masking their facial expressions.

I offer you this… the feet are the most honest parts of your body. It’s the very first part I focus on in training people how to observe and decode behaviour.

Learning about the feet will teach you things  you never thought about before … and how your limbic brain spontaneously calls the shots. This will help you enhance your life and be a better observer of your surroundings.

The keys to Unlock Your World

You now have the keys to unlock this wonderful new world. Do it today. Right now you are missing out on 80% of all this going on around you. Once you understand and learn the power you will immediately be among those unique individuals who truly see and understand 100% of the world they live in.

I can not offer you the right answer of what aspect of life will improve the most for you but once you have these keys in your hands. Will it be your relationships? Your income? Your peace of mind? Your status? Your job or company? I don’t know … but you will know once you discover the power of the nonverbal.

Here’s to the Hidden Treasures in Your New World, from Joe Navarro!

How often does something come around in your life that makes such a profound difference no matter what you’re doing? Not very often, I’m sure.

The world around you is on the move … more now than ever. And you know, what’s happening out there is NOT all good.

So, you need as much of an edge as you can get on your job … in your relationships … and in your everyday encounters with people.  But most of all, you deserve to have more fun and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Eighty per cent of life is a lot to miss out on, of course you will agree.

The next time you’re looking across the table at someone, I don’t want you to be left wondering, "Is she reading my nonverbal signals? What am I ‘saying’?"

No one would like to be in this situation. You and many others deserve to know what’s going on and have a blast doing it.  Now learn how to send life in an upward spiral of knowledge and experiences.

The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing. — John Powell

The Power is from within, the choice is yours
Gray Lawrence
Successful Networker

"Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start." Nido Qubein

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