I was born in Birmingham England and my wife Natalie was born in Jamaica. We met in Birmingham through her brother, while I was working as a professional qualified chef in a hotel. We have one son Aaron who is now married to a young lady from Nottingham, here in the UK. We married in 1971 then I joined the Army Catering Corps and served my country for 22 years, traveling abroad and experiencing the cultures of many countries.  1973 was the end of my army career and settling down to civilian life was strange, we never got posted!

I became a sales person and through this we became involved in
“Network Marketing”. Trying more than one company over the next few years, some did not have the “A Guide to Network Marketing” href=””>training
one would expect and more than one decided to close. I know the benefits of having my own business which offers the freedom we all seek: A life style of our own choosing and the Income that would provide myself and my family with the opportunity to have what we desire and not worrying about the finances or burden of working more hours to pay for anything.

Finally I was approached by a lady as I almost gave up on the idea. This business has everything to offer: excellent products, Support, advice, and above all Training in such away that we put people first and their own desires needs and wants. Studying the information we were given freely and working with an international team of like minded excited people it was an easy choice to make, so we decided very quickly that this was the one to provide all we need. It offers the golden opportunity to every one that is looking for something different and to break away from the “JOB” The MLM industry is the way forward providing more self made millionaires than any industry I know.
Information and free advice is offered to you, all you have do is contact us any time to start your future.
Gray & Natalie Lawrence Welcome you to your future.

The Power is from within.. the choice is yours
“Decide where you are going and how you are to get there. Then make a start from where you now stand.” Napoleon Hill

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