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Please forgive my lack of passages, reasons do not matter but a lot of surgery is to blame and more to come, forgive my lack  of connection.

when my word press blog runs out in 2 months I will inform you and put you onto my old BlogSpot blog.  I do hope you enjoy what I write and will keep in touch even if only to gain information for the Mind & body   Gray

ps you can look at it now but way out of date due to my old networking business and mentor using word press. personally  no longer but it is paid for until July.

Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start." Nido Qubein

Quote of the Day:

It takes a steady hand to carry a full cup.  –Anonymous

A positive mental attitude is an irresistible force that knows no such thing as an immovable body.

Time and again we hear stories about ordinary people who do seemingly impossible things when they find themselves in an emergency situation. They perform Herculean feats of strength and endurance, things they never dreamed they were capable of doing. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could harness that strength and make it available anytime you need it? You can — if you believe  you can. No doubt you can remember a time in your life when you were exceptionally focused on your objective, a time when you achieved more in less time than ever before. Perhaps it was an impending vacation that motivated you to get everything done before you departed, or perhaps it was a “must pass” exam that helped you focus your concentration. The intensity that you developed in those situations is always available to you when you have a Positive Mental Attitude.  – Napoleon Hill

Body Language

Gray Lawrence

Being Positive keeps me alive, no matter what.  No one has an excuse not to be!!

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