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Know Your Worth With Optimistic Gratitude



Start each morning off by being grateful for waking up. Say “thank you” for all the stuff you currently have and expect to receive in the future. Focus on all the things you love and how they make you feel. Watch what you think and say because they become your reality. By Alayjiah Bargnare

I am a survivor of a few of life’s most horrible crimes and I was very bitter and angry for a long time. I had constant negative thoughts and fears that plagued my success. I did not realize God had spared my life through all those situations so I could be a positive light and testimony for someone else going through a tough time.

I learned to change the way I felt about life and myself by just focusing on the things I love and appreciate, instead of dwelling on what I did not love or did not have. I found, as a single parent, it’s tough sometimes to balance all you have to do like bills, kids, work, school, etc. Sometimes life feels unbearable and unfair but you are not alone and you can’t give up. God is with you always and if you just ask for the help and strength He will give it to you if you believe.

Make a list of all your goals, revisit the list daily and pray over the list. I promise you will notice some of the items on your list are being provided, slowly but surely.

I found my true worth by learning to love and respect myself because if you don’t love you, no one else can love you. I also learned to stop chasing down love or a relationship. If you are single, take the time to prepare yourself for that special someone. That means making sure you don’t have excess baggage. This means making sure that you’re emotionally and physically prepared and not holding on to your past.

Keep in mind, if you have been single for a while and you’re ready for that special someone but are having trouble finding him or her, God also has to prepare your mate for you. You don’t want to meet them not prepared for a relationship because then you’ll end up hurt all over again. So patience is the key.

Look at life in a positive way because you are beautiful, intelligent, full of love and compassion, and you don’t have to settle for anything but the best! You are destined for greatness and greatness is not easy to come by. You are worthy and highly favoured in God’s sight so let everyone see the awesome person inside.

I believe through positive thinking and hard work nothing is impossible. I make a point daily to help someone else in any way possible. It can be something really simple like helping an elderly man or woman in the grocery store with their groceries. I know I would not be here today if people were not willing to help me when I was homeless and hopeless. So I find joy in helping others. I follow the Golden Rule because I know God is constantly watching our behaviour’s.

Do something positive, daring and spectacular that you always wanted to do but were too scared to do. You only live once! Please stay encouraged and prayerful and you too will see that you are worth a million dollars!

“Stop being a victim and be somebody who can make a difference. Take all your hurts and disappointments and transform them into positive energy to share with the world!”

– Alayjiah Bargnare


"Anytime you blame others and complain about your situation, you are choosing to be a victim. By playing the victim role you are putting yourself in an ineffective and weak position. It is virtually impossible to allow incredible miracles to enter your life when you choose to remain in this negative mental state." Sonia Ricotti Author and Speaker

Gray Lawrence
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Your vision is in Your Mind

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How to Use Your Subconscious to Change Your Life


“Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.” – Thomas Edison

Clear think cloudYour subconscious loves to do work while your body performs other tasks that are easy. I can prove this very easily by asking you how many good ideas you have had while driving or in the shower. When you are relaxed yet slightly distracted, your mind is often at its best.

Using your subconscious will: Improve your motivation. Help you become happier.  Increase your emotional intelligence.

You’ll see improvement in less than a month.

Even gaining more patience when commuting to work and allow me to even enjoy my time in the car.”


My mind set is changing by setting my subconscious on a certain issue.  I start to see new angles that I’ve never seen before. This subconscious request works for personal issues as well as work related concerns.

The 3 step request only takes five minutes:

Step 1: Picture15Before you turn out the light, close your eyes and take one minute to make a request to your subconscious. It can be anything. I would start small and make it open ended. I wouldn’t request to be an astronaut by the end of the month. Your subconscious is good, but not that good.

Step 2: Picture2Take two minutes to visualize yourself actually able to do this thing. Whether it is getting the motivation to jog before work or eating a healthy snack, you must visualize yourself doing the request that you asked your subconscious. Let’s say you want to jog before work: imagine yourself getting up a few minutes earlier than usual, putting on your exercise clothes and jogging shoes, and heading out into the crisp air. Then you start jogging, watching the sun rise over the buildings, the birds chirping, and you are feeling good.

Step 3: Black picture a man reachingTake two minutes to imagine the feeling that will occur when you are able to accomplish this new thing. How do you feel when you walk back in your front door after a morning jog? Energized? Whatever feeling you want to achieves imagine that you have already created this emotion inside of yourself. Let it sink in, then go to sleep and let your subconscious do the rest of the work.

Your subconscious mind wants to help you improve your life; you just have to trust its vast resources and allow it to do its thing.

Action Makes Your Request Real

You may not want to go jogging after the first subconscious request, but try to visualize yourself going through the motions the first couple of weeks. Then just start putting on your exercise gear and go for a five minute walk. Taking these baby steps will set you up for your jogging routine. Then after a few weeks just go for it. Now that you have your emotions geared toward jogging it should spur you into action.

By allowing the emotional momentum to build, you can create motivation that will help you accomplish things that make you happier.

Dreamers are under the Power of Positive Thinking, are you?


Once a man has made a commitment to a way of life, he puts the greatest strength in the world behind him. It’s something we call heart power. Once a man has made this commitment, nothing will stop him short of success.                                 ~Vince Lombardi

Gray Lawrence
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Your vision is in Your Mind

Successful Networker Be Inspired Never forget to Live

Never Forget to Live

If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I’d want to pass along to others… Mark Bowness


The greatest revelation you can have is that you live life once. Many would consider such a statement to be a trite saying, instantly dismissing it and in doing so, negating a powerful tool for radical transformation.

Never ever simply “get used” to the fact that you are alive. Never ever exist on earth and yet never truly live.

Life is a precious gift: wear this truth around your neck like a scarf, every single day. Keep this truth on your lips, in your mind, and in your heart, in every situation you encounter and in every conversation that takes place.

With such a viewpoint, you will have the ability to truthfully see into the souls of others and in doing so, you’ll view anger as a protection and blame as a coat with which to cover up hurt. You will see real meaning and deeper truths and no longer respond with cross words, but with bursts of radiant light that bring healing, comfort and transformation. For this is your purpose.

The world owes you nothing. You were not created to be a drain on society, to take, to keep, and to squander. You exist for a purpose – your purpose is contribution. Quit telling yourself your ‘woe is me’ story that drains your mind, energy and conversation. Here is the truth: No one cares. The more you wallow, the less of a chance you have of experiencing the real, beautiful, intangible joy that comes from living life for real.

Everything that you see around you – that you can feel, touch or use was first created in the minds of those who believed that these things could be. Stop harping on about the way that your life is and start visualizing what it could be. As we dwell upon our dreams, we are empowered to become.

You exist to give, to contribute in abundance. When you do so, you will experience the secret gift of giving.

The world has its problems. Oftentimes the horrors and atrocities that we see on our screens become too hard to bear; we gain compassion fatigue, so we block them out or we send some spare change just to ease our conscience.

To truly make a difference, start changing your own life – be the best, the biggest, the highest self. The overflow of your own change will be like a bubbling brook soaking itself upon those around you, powerfully impacting your community. Your community is the place that you should start, to give, to change, to hope, to love and as you do – you really will start to change the world.

Throw off your guilt. Discard it like the day’s rubbish: it serves no purpose.

Know that deep inside, you are resilient, brave, and so much stronger and more powerful than your fears.

Most of all understand this: You are beautiful. Allow this truth to sink in to your body, mind, and spirit, allow it to flow through your veins touching every organ, every tissue, every sinew, filling you with energy and power as it flows. There is absolutely nothing you can do that will ever take away from the beauty that is you.


Do not let others tell you any other truth, do not let your mind force you to believe any other lie. Do not allow any wrong previous acts to fill you with guilt. No matter what you do, you remain beautiful.


Go now and start changing worlds

We are here to help YOU



Gray Lawrence

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Success doesn’t come to you – you go to it. — Marva Collins

Successful Networker Be Inspired Your Limitations

To be hopeful to embrace one possibility after another that is suerly the basic instinct

Releasing What Limits You


27 February 2013:    Sue Elliott, Editor-in-Chief of Law Of Attraction MagazineIf I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I’d want to pass along to others…Sue Elliott

As much as many of us have tried to fit in — or rebelled against the pressure to fit in — we’ll never fit in. We’ll never be “normal.” We can’t be. That’s because each of us is magnificently unique. In fact, our utter uniqueness is what makes us so magnificent.

Truth be told: We are all lighthouses. We are all filled with the light of Source, and we radiate it out into the world.

If, right now, our lights aren’t shining brightly enough to be seen from miles around, it’s only because the windows of our lighthouses are coated with “gunk,” and that gunk acts like a filter. It reduces the amount of light that gets through the windows — plus it colours what comes in, too. That gunk dramatically affects the way we see and receive the world around us.

I’ve found that we each have different gunk, so we perceive external reality differently. The degree of difference can be quite surprising. After all, it seems as if we’re all seeing the same thing, so we expect that we’ll all have the same reaction to whatever we’re seeing. But that’s rarely the case! I’m sure we’ve all heard that when police officers take statements from several eyewitnesses to a crime, the witnesses’ statements are always really different. That’s because each of us sees and interprets everything through the filters of our own gunk!

Now, I don’t mean to make this a scary big deal. There’s no need to make ourselves bad or wrong or weak for having gunk. Actually, we’ve been entrained and acculturated to have it — by our parents, by our peers, by our teachers, by religion, by the media.

Our gunk is made up of limiting beliefs we’ve accumulated, including all the reasons we tell ourselves things like, “I could never do that” or “I’m not _____ enough.”

These gunky filters also are the reason certain patterns recur in our lives — patterns that seem so natural to us that we believe everybody experiences them. To some degree, that’s true: Many common patterns affect a large portion of humanity right now. One of these patterns revolves around respect and feeling disrespected. Another has to do with security and fear of being abandoned. Yet another deals with speaking up and feeling misunderstood. And another revolves around fitting in or feeling like an outcast.

The good news is: These are nothing more than patterns that no longer serve us — patterns that stem from one or several limiting beliefs.

Fortunately, these limiting beliefs and patterns are surprisingly easy to dissolve. In fact, Source is ready, willing and joyfully able to support us in dissolving all of this gunk as soon as we’re ready. All we have to do is state our heartfelt intention to surrender it, and be open to seeing and experiencing things differently.

As soon as we start surrendering our gunk, our light begins to shine more brightly out into the world. Plus, what we see through the windows of our lighthouse begins to look more magical and more magnificent. And soon, we begin to appreciate the magnificent uniqueness that is us!

Successful networker Be Inspired the gifts of life


Live each day as if it were your last, and you’ll develop a keen respect for opportunity.
If you had only one more day on this earth, how much sharper your senses would be. The beauty of nature, the simple pleasures of life, would be indescribably wonderful, and every moment would present an opportunity to spend quality time with your family and strengthen relationships with friends, acquaintances, and business associates. Every thought would be laser-sharp in that highly focused state. Well, today is the last day on earth for today’s opportunities. Don’t let them pass you by. – Napoleon Hill


The 6 Gifts of Life



Life has offered me six most valuable gifts that I carry with me wherever I go. Because of these gifts, I can say, I am proud to have lived this life and proud of everything I have accomplished.  By Claire McGee

1. Scars
Every scar shows the quality of strength. When you see someone with scars, know that they have an amazing story to share. His or her strength to keep moving forward and overcome what gave them the scars is of great value to themselves and to everyone he or she comes in contact with. It takes strength to know they can get through anything.

2. A Sad Face
Every sad face shows the quality of compassion. It’s okay to be sad. One must always be true to themself in order to move past any situation. For those who have been sad, be proud! It is these experiences that you learn the heart of compassion and how to truly care for others. Treating people with kindness and utmost respect is an extremely valuable attribute.

3. A Broken Body

3. A Broken Body
Every broken body shows the quality of perseverance. When a person wakes up every day and is reminded that their body is challenged in comparison to others, they keep moving forward. They smile, laugh, cry, love, and motivate themselves each and every day. The perseverance these amazing individuals posses is something worthy of admiration.

4. A Broken Heart
Every broken heart shows the quality of love. You can only truly love someone when you love yourself. This is the ultimate gift life offers and for many, it takes a lifetime to achieve. To look in the mirror, smile and think “You’re amazing. I love you!” — no matter where you have been or what you have done — is all the other qualities combined. When you do this, you give unconditional love to all. Truly a blessed person can say they have been hurt in their lifetime and therefore value and know love.

5. A Sad Story
Every sad story shows the quality of determination. When you feel sad and look at your memories with this difficult feeling, it is a challenge indeed. When you continue to move forward with grace and gratitude, you truly have the determination and what it takes to win. It is through these difficult times where individuals find that inner quality to keep going and never give up.

6. Every Experience — Good Or Bad
Every experience you have had or will have, gives the quality of wisdom. All experiences you have throughout your life give you the special gift of knowledge. Life is about choices based on this knowledge. With each passing day and with each glorious age, you gain the ability to be both a teacher and student. The wisdom is to know what to do with it to make a positive difference. Those people who make a positive difference every day are truly wise indeed.

Strength, Compassion, Perseverance, Love, Determination, and Wisdom are all a reflection of one word: Life.

Celebrate your life! I respect you for doing the very best you can. For that, you are truly amazing!

"Don’t let others define you. Don’t let the past confine you. Take charge of your life with confidence and determination and there are no limits on what you can do or be." Michael Josephson

Gray Lawrence

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Life is The Sum of All Our Choices – Albert Camus

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