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Our Character

“One has to feel defeat and loss before being reborn as a leader reborn for and with respect”                                                                                                        I am free to all that need me,  I am free to all that care, I am free to all of me for everlasting learning’s I am free to you always.

The jokes we CHOOSE to share…and not to share.
The derogatory terms we CHOOSE to use…and refuse to use.
The promises we CHOOSE to break…and the ones we keep.
The rumours we CHOOSE to spread…and those we ignore.
The resources we CHOOSE to waste…and those we use wisely.
The lies we CHOOSE to tell…and not to tell.
The responsibilities we CHOOSE to accept…and those we shirk.
The courtesies we CHOOSE to extend…and fail to extend.
The efforts we CHOOSE to put forth…and not put forth.
The quality we CHOOSE to provide…and the corners we cut.
The information we CHOOSE to share…and that which we hoard.
The listening we CHOOSE to do and not do.
The respect we CHOOSE to give…and fail to give.
The helpful hands we CHOOSE to extend…and those we keep in our pockets.

"The grateful mind is constantly fixed upon the best. Therefore it tends to become the best. It takes the form of character of the best, and will receive the best." Wallace D. Wattles

“The Power of Listening is available to us all, only those who listen will gain great benefits in life, love personal & financial wealth. The decision is yours” Gray Lawrence

The Power is from within, the choice is yours
Gray Lawrence
Independent Distributor (Utility Warehouse)                                             
"Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start." Nido Qubein

“Help Others Helps Yourself” – Trust me I know

Information Time..Help each other to be better than before..

Following one’s heart by helping others and enjoy the benefits it brings.. 

This is not for the faint hearted, or the person that prefers to stand still..

What I offer is nothing more than what we can all offer and that is help! By education and information, as long as it is “Honest” “Genuine” “Informative” and “Beneficial” to those whom will make the effort to read what has been made available…  

Live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart trouble no one about this religion, respect others and their views and demand that they respect yours. Love your life perfect your life unify all things in your life seek to work your life long and of service to your people. When your time comes to die be not like those whose hearts are filled with fear of death so that when their time comes they keep and pray for a little more time to live their live over again in a different way, sing your death song and die like a hero going home! And to all of the warriors’ heading down range in the future..”Act of Valour” – Decomosa

 From The Secret Daily Teachings                                                  Look for the gifts in everything, especially when you are facing what appears to be a negative situation. Everything that we attract causes us to grow, which means that ultimately everything is for our own good.

Adjusting to a new path and a new direction will require new qualities and strengths, and these qualities are always exactly what we need to acquire in order to accomplish the great things ahead in our life.

May the joy be with you,   Rhonda Byrne
The Secret… bringing joy to billions

Gray Lawrence

Your vision is in Your Mind


Natural Selling lesson Four

The game of business is very much like the game of tennis. Those who fail to master the basics of serving well, usually lose. — Unknown

There is only one boss–the Customer. And he can fire anybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. — Sam Walton


Silouette door sales

This lesson, we’re going to talk more about how to approach potential partners and customers using the magic and power of dialogue…a way of connecting with people at a deeper level than can be achieved just by telling or through conversation.

It’s based on 3 more principles of the Natural Selling Approach that we will cover in a moment.

We learned in the previous lesson that the Natural Selling Approach is a Problem Solving Exercise.

To do this you simply find out if people have the sort of problems that you can help them solve by:

1. Asking simple questions

2. Listening

3. Feeding back and responding to the answers to constantly make sure both of you are on the same track.

Doing this while suspending your agenda is the magic behind and power of dialogue. When you suspend your agenda, you allow others to openly reveal theirs without yours getting in the way.

Let’s look at this in the form of a principle… the 2nd one of four.

Principle 2. Asking the Right types of Questions at the Right Time

As you have seen, the conventional way of telling people about you, your company or your products, usually will result in rejection and objections.

It’s the Law of Giving and the Cause and Effect working against you!

So how to turn this around?

The key is not to tell, present, convince, persuade, manipulate or pressure someone to buy something or take action. It’s about asking questions and listening and effectively responding and allowing your potential partners and customers to convince themselves to change

Now, we’re not talking about manipulative or leading questions that are designed to get the answers you want to hear. If you use these questions whose answers are you likely to hear? Your own!

Whose answers and truth do you really want? Theirs!

While manipulative questions can be very powerful there are drawbacks to using them:

* People know when they are being manipulated and don’t like it

* Using them is uncomfortable for most Network Marketers and

Direct Sales People who tend to resist using them and end up

doing nothing.

* They are not effective for long term results.

While it’s possible to temporarily motivate people to do something, there is a very interesting phenomenon that takes place. After a short while they stop being motivated and stop doing what they agreed to do.

This behaviour is called passive aggression or buyer’s remorse.

You can see the effect of this when customers stop buying from you, or people drop out from your organization. This is usually because they came on board for your reasons, not theirs. This is the number one cause of the high customer and team attrition rate.

The Natural Selling Approach dramatically changes this.

The questions you use are intended to help the other person uncover and talk about the difference between what they have and what they would like based on their own inner and external values, without you having to guess or make a judgment.

After all, who has the history of what is, and has been, going on in their life, and what they want and why they want it? They do!

Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long term resultsYour potential partner or customers and you each bring a key thing to the Approach. On the one hand, they have their history and know what they want… they have the answers. You, on the other hand, know the potential of your products or income opportunity, and whether it can work for them based on the answers they give you. When you get a match, which will happen most of the time, you’ll then be able to explain your solution to them so that it all makes sense. So all you need are the right types of questions!

You also need to know when to ask them.

The Natural Selling Approach uses a "Dialogue/Conversation Framework" that explains what the types of questions are and when to use them to help you and the person you are talking with see clearly:

1. Whether they have the type of problems that your solution can help them solve

2. If they do, the depth of those problems.

3. Whether there is enough desire for them to want to do something.

Questions help people open their minds. Questions involve people. They allow people to think about their present situation, themselves and their problems.

Helping People Inspire Themselves to Change

The Natural Selling Approach is not about you persuading them, it’s about allowing people to persuade themselves as they come to see what is right for them.

While bias-free communication takes on going effort, it will help you build a This is how it of trust with your listeners.                              — Leslie C. Aguilar

This is how it works.

As people respond to your questions they also listen to themselves. They;

1. Internalize what they say

2. Feel the discomfort of their present circumstances (and if things are not working as well as they would like) 3. Decide to make a change.

Their answers help them think about their problems and to own the idea that they want to change if their problems and internal motivation is great enough.

It gives meaning to the saying "When I say it, they can doubt me.

When they say it, it’s true."

The degree a person will change depends on two things;

1. The degree of discomfort they feel in the present moment as they talk about their present circumstances, and their;

2. Degree of their desire to move toward their dream

If you get out of your own way and listen to them, and are not hasty to come up with your solutions too quickly, they will listen to you.

Asking questions eliminates the need for you to present and learn closing and objection handling techniques. Because who eliminates all the objections in the Dialogue? They do, because they are the ones talking and revealing how they feel about their problems and internally motivating themselves to make a change.

The "Sale is Made" in the Discovering!

Learning how to ask the "Right Types of Questions at the Right Time" will prepare a person to be receptive to your solutions.

Before you speak THINKEssentially, they "sell themselves" on the idea of wanting to change and when you offer the idea of a potential solution, they are receptive to it.

The "sale" then is actually made during the uncovering and revealing a person’s needs, where they talk and listen to themselves into changing.

It’s when you have asked enough questions, responded appropriately to their answers, discovered there is a need to make a change and that the other person is open to changing, that you propose you might know of a solution that might help them.

The Natural Selling Approach can take two minutes or it can two years! It really depends on the other person and where they are in their lives.

One thing is guaranteed. If you don’t rush them and put your Personal Agenda on the shelf and let it guide you not manipulate you, if there is a sale to be made, you will make it every time.

Next we will take a close look at the other most powerful communication tool available to you – Listening.

The Secret

There is a difference between feeling gratitude and appreciation for something, and feeling attachment to something. Appreciation and gratitude are states of pure love, while attachment contains fear – fear of losing or not having what you are attached to. When it comes to something you want in your life, appreciation and gratitude attracts, and attachment pushes away. If you are feeling afraid that you will not get what you want, or losing what you have, then you have attachment.  To remove the attachment, keep shifting yourself into a state of appreciation and gratitude, until you can feel that the fear has gone. May the joy be with you, Rhonda Byrne


1. Have you ever experienced "Buyers Remorse"? Think about the situation and what happened. Did you ever do business with that person or organization again?

2. Start a Dialogue with a stranger or someone you know by asking them a question and continue asking them questions. Remove your Personal Agenda.

Just listen and ask questions based on the answers you get to your previous questions, or on something that comes to your mind.

Don’t talk about you or your ideas, or make comments. Just gently focus on asking questions. If you’re asked a question, briefly answer it and follow your answer with a question of your own.

See how "deep" you go exploring a particular issue. Observe your own feelings and how the other person is feeling.

Your thoughts ceate your future

To thine own self be true; to your success…

"Energy is the essence of life. Every day you decide how you’re going to use it by knowing what you want and what it takes to reach that goal, and by maintaining focus." Oprah Winfrey

The Power is from within, the choice is yours
Gray Lawrence
Successful Networker

"Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start." Nido Qubein

Successful Networker Natural Selling Lesson Three

I’m an entrepreneur who is passionate about harnessing the power of personal development and using it to add value to all who seek personal development which leads to an incredible lifestyle.
It has always been my nature to share value and connect people whose talents provide a mutual benefit and then watching the magic unfold. Gray

What is the Purpose of your business

There is a Secret to Getting What You Want.

Asking the right questions can help you get back on the right trackLet’s start by asking you to answer a question. Without intellectualizing it or thinking what you think might be a clever answer, please say out loud the very FIRST thing that comes to your mind…
What’s the Purpose of your business…? Or any business in the world?
Perhaps your answer might be something like, “Make money” or “To make a profit” or “To be fulfilled”.  Or, perhaps your answer was, “To help others” or “To help people  solve their problems.”

Two different answers and two different vibrations or energy.  If your answer was similar to the first one, such as making money, ask yourself this, where is the focus? On you, or the other person? It’s on you and what you want, isn’t it? This is your Personal Agenda or Personal Objective.

Whether you think you can or can’t, either way you are right.” – Henry Ford

The second set?  Your focus is on them! To help them get what they want. This is what is called as coming from a place of Purpose. Two different ways of thinking and two different ways of taking action on that thinking.

You want to become aware of your thoughts, you want to choose your thoughts carefully and you want to have fun with this, because you are the masterpiece of your own life.” – Joe Vitale

The reason I ask the question “What is the Purpose of a business?” is to mentally prepare you the Natural Selling Training, because your answer reveals something that is vitally important… your words give you away!!   What do I mean by this?  Well, have you ever thought that your thoughts and words are energy that people directly or indirectly feel? Have you ever thought people consciously and subconsciously feel and know your real intent? That they know whether you are focused on your Personal Agenda, which is about you and what you want, or on your Purpose, which is about helping them get what they want?

Let a person radically alter his thoughts, and he will be astonished at the rapid transformation it will effect in the material conditions of his life. ” Napoleon Hill

To paraphrase an ancient saying…
What come out of your mouth is determined by what goes into your mind“Your words are an extension of your thoughts Your actions are an extension of your words And your habits are an extension of your actions”  What you receive in life, and the way people respond to you, is based on your words, your actions and your habits. And it all starts where? With a thought! Everything starts with a thought. That’s why thoughts are so powerful. That’s why choosing how you think and act will determine how life and people respond to you So back to the original question about the purpose of your business! The questions you have to ask yourself then, is, are you really in business for you, (Personal Agenda) or are you in it for other people (Purpose)? The truth is in the following question;

If your solution cannot solve someone’s problem, is there any reason for them to do business with you? No, there isn’t! So the real purpose of a business then is not about you and what you want, it’s to help other people solve their problems, or get what they want, need or desire. And that is what is behind the first principle of the Natural Selling Approach…


Believe in yourself and your abilities. That is the only way to attract wonderful things into your life. Don’t waste your time thinking that you cannot do something. Dr. Steve & Frank

To take this further… Another ancient saying says, “When you seek to serve, you ultimately serve yourself!” It’s just a matter of knowing how to do it! And that is precisely what the Natural Selling approach will do for you. It will allow you to effortlessly and easily approach and help others get what they want and ultimately allow you to get what you want without any anxiety in the process of doing so. Now, if you know how to help people solve their problems, and you
can do it with your own solutions, you will achieve what? Your Personal Agenda, which is your own reason for being in business isn’t it?

Success mean...  Zig ZiglarIf the purpose of a business is to help other people solve their problems, you could say that selling is merely a Problem Solving Exercise. Contrary to the conventional approach, it’s not a telling or persuading exercise. It’s all to do with problem solving.   Become a problem solver – look for them. Because with problems comes what? Opportunities! Opportunities for you is to help others get what they want and to be rewarded for it.  Tomorrow we will look closely at how you practically and effortlessly do this by using a powerful approach of communicating called Dialogue. until the next Lesson!
1. Reflect on how by serving others, you can achieve what it is that you want.
2. Two quotes to think about:
“You can get anything you want if you help enough people get what
they want” – Zig Ziglar
“Help me, Rod, help me to help you!” – Jerry Maguire in the movie
“Jerry Maguire”.

“Let a person radically alter his thoughts, and he will be astonished at the rapid transformation it will effect in the material conditions of his life. ” Napoleon Hill

Gray Lawrence Successful Networker

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ps – I can show you a way to earn extra income in your spare time for a few hours a week, Try our online booking now.

“Forget mistakes. Forget failure. Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it. Today is your lucky day. -Will Durant

Successful Networker Non Verbal Communication

"The most important thing in communication is
hearing what isn’t said."
— Peter F. Drucker: Austrian-born American management consultant, educator, and author

‘Your Body Speaks So Loudly,
I Can’t Hear What You Say.’

Learn to Instantly Unlock the Secret Code
Behind the Mystery of Body Language…

  • Are They Lying?
  • Do They Hate You?
  • Is She Falling in Love?
  • Is He Ready to Cut a Deal?

You’ll Know “Before”  They Ever Say a Word …

Unlock the Mysteries of Your World

Every day in your world, there are mysteries all around you. They are hidden in the body language of people you come in contact with.

But, like most folks, you’re probably running through life so fast, you don’t stop and observe what’s really going on.

Well, you’re not alone.

Very few people even think twice about nonverbal body signals that appear everywhere … much less even notice them.

But what if you could learn to unlock some of these mysterious nonverbal behaviour’s?

How Much of Life Are You Missing Out On?

Estimates range as high as 80%. That means that 8 out of every 10 "conversations" are never spoken… or 80 out of 100 … or 800 out of 1,000.

But before we get into all that you’re missing … and what you can do about it …  The keys to unlock the mysteries in your world. With those keys, you can take your life to a whole new level …

Instantly Discover What’s Really Going On All Around You

Once you learn the secrets of nonverbal communications, you’ll be able to see and interpret the world in mind-boggling fashion.

For example, consider the power of understanding nonverbal in the following situations …

  • During a job interview, your interviewer continues squinting at you.

What’s she trying to tell you?

  • Even though the poker player showed no change in his facial expression, I knew very quickly I’d better fold and not bet any more.

Perhaps you would have played on?

  • I noticed when a celebrity couple was recently photographed in public, they were all smiles. The man was delicately touching his wife’s waist with his finger tips.

Still in love? … Probably NOT!

  • After a long meeting, speaking with a friend in the lounge. He was speaking freely and very politely, with a pleasant facial expression. Yet something about his nonverbal behaviour told me he had to leave right away.

How did I know?

  • When visiting a gravely ill lifelong friend in the hospital, I quickly noticed that whenever I came into view, he would quickly raise his eyebrows.

Even though he couldn’t speak a word, I knew exactly what he was "telling" me.

I heard the woman calling her child. It was time to return home after a fun day at the park. The child did not utter a word in protest. Yet, I knew she had no intentions of leaving.

What did the mother miss that could have helped make the transition easier and more enjoyable for both of them?   After a hectic week, the husband asked his wife if she wanted to go out for dinner. "Yes, honey," she said and smiled. But there was something about her smile that said "No."

What did the husband fail to observe that could have given their evening and relationship a big-time boost?

So, no matter what the relationship, learning to quickly decode nonverbal signals will pay you huge dividends.

Think about it. Your life is one constant relationship with other people.    Knowing what they’re "telling" you without their saying a word, well, that’s pretty exciting.

It has always been exhilarating for me as I practice one of my favourite areas of communication.  “I love Body Language”.

And there’s no reason at all why you can’t get in on all the fun and adrenaline rush.

Do You Believe in Magic?

Just so you don’t think that decoding nonverbal behaviour is some sort of black magic, let me explain why it’s possible.

See, there’s a portion of your brain called the "limbic system."

Your limbic brain is where nonverbal communications are generated. It reacts to the world totally spontaneously and in real time … without any thought required on your part.

This means that the limbic brain is responsible for your instantaneous and honest nonverbal behaviour … you can’t avoid or fake this.  These honest actions portray themselves through your body parts … feet, legs, arms, face, eyes, etc.

So, you can see, the limbic brain provides all you need to decipher what a person is really "telling" you … without their even knowing it!

Your Life Can Be 80% Fuller and More Productive When You Understand the Unspoken Conversations

Imagine …

  1. The edge you will have in important "career" meetings … knowing what everyone is "telling" you with his or her body language.
  2. How knowing what your spouse or life partner is nonverbally "telling" you in certain situations will help boost your relationship … even add some excitement and romance.
  3. How observing and instantly decoding your kids’ nonverbal signals could make your life and theirs a dream … and a bunch more fun.
  4. The next time you’re negotiating a deal for that dream car you’ve always wanted … you’ll know right away if the sales manager is being honest about whether or not there’s still room for a lower price … he won’t have a clue.
  5. All the added excitement and fun you’ll now have … that others may totally miss out on.

And I’m sure you can imagine endless encounters with people where you can benefit even more.

And that’s where your skills or self belief in your abilities come in … to help you quickly master all this.

Follow These Golden Rules to Success

Well, to help folks like you master nonverbal communications, I created the easy-to-follow "10 Cardinal Rules of Nonverbal Communication."

As you quickly learn how to incorporate these rules into your everyday life, it will become second nature for you to interpret nonverbal behaviour … it will become automatic.

It will be like learning how to ride a bike or drive your car.

Remember how excited you were when you mastered those … how they opened up an entire new world for you?

Well, that’s nothing.

Once you master the 10 Cardinal Rules, you’ll see how totally rewarding 80% of the communications you’ve been missing can really be … and using the rules can be downright fun!

10 Cardinal Rules for You
to Master the Secrets of Nonverbal Behaviour

  • Cardinal Rule #1: Be a competent observer of your environment. This is the most basic requirement for anyone wishing to fully master the benefits of nonverbal behaviour.

The problem is that most people spend their lives looking … but not truly seeing.  How you can instantly show you how to observe without being intrusive.

  • Cardinal Rule #2: You have to observe all nonverbal communications in context. This involves learning how to filter some out and understanding those nonverbal signals that are expected.

For example, if you came upon a traffic accident scene and observed people in shock walking around dazed … don’t you think this type of nonverbal behaviour is expected? Of course it is.

So, learning how to observe expected behaviour in the context of the situation is key.

Once I demonstrate to you how to decode expected nonverbal behaviour, you’ll quickly decipher that which is not.

  • Cardinal Rule #3: Determine if the behaviours you’re seeing are limbic or cultural. Your limbic system is the part of your brain that reacts reflexively and automatically to the world around you.

It is the honest part of your brain that generates the instantaneous nonverbal signals that we’re most interested in. As far as cultural behaviours, they are obviously based on a person’s environment and upbringing.

For example, in some cultures, shaking your head from side to side actually means "yes."

So, being able to determine and decipher these two types of behaviours is important in getting closer to understanding what a person is really "telling" you … and I’ll help you do just that.

  • Cardinal Rule #4: Determine whether the behaviour is unique to the individual or not. There’s plenty of universal behaviour out there.

But observing and learning nonverbal behaviour unique to an individual is an important element. Why? Well, understanding the person’s unique behaviour helps you better understand the communication.

For example, when I get stressed, I raise the pitch of my voice. If you knew this, you would be able to know when I’m stressed and be able to act accordingly.

I’ll show you how to decipher this and use it to your benefit.

  • Cardinal Rule #5: Look for clusters of behaviour. You may have already guessed that people don’t always send just single nonverbal signals.

The more signals you understand, the better your chances of deciphering the full picture.

For example, in a business situation, if I see a competitor display a pattern of nonverbal stress signals followed closely by pacifying behaviour signals, I can be more confident he is bargaining from a position of weakness.

Clusters of behaviour provide you with more assurance that what you deciphered is accurate.

I’ll give you plenty of examples of what to look for here and show you how powerful interpreting cluster behaviour really is.

  • Cardinal Rule #6: Establish an individual’s baseline behaviour. Without doing this, you’ll have a difficult time deciphering his or her behaviour.

By observing and examining what’s normal behaviour, you’ll begin to recognize and identify the abnormal … which you’re most interested in.

You need to differentiate between what the person’s normal face looks like, compared with one that’s stressed.

I’m ready to tell you more on how easy this is to discover.

  • Cardinal Rule #7: Look for changes in the individual’s behaviour that can signal changes in thoughts, emotions, interest, or intent. This goes hand-in-hand with #6.

Once you have established a person’s baseline behaviour, you’re ready to look for spontaneous changes that tip off what the individual is really "telling" you. These automatic behaviour changes happen because of a person’s limbic brain … changes that happen immediately in real-time.

For example, let’s say on Friday you let your spouse know that on Saturday you’ve planned a night out with the guys (or gals).

Your spouse might smile and say, "Great! Go have a good time," but inside he or she is actually irritated. And you know because his or her limbic brain created nonverbal behaviour spontaneously and involuntarily, letting you know his or her real thoughts.

  • Cardinal Rule #8: Learn to identify misleading or false signals. As you know, I spent a good deal of my life interviewing/interrogating people.

Some of them were very good at trying to cover up and mask their immediate nonverbal reactions.

I’ll give you some simple steps on how to read this and focus in on their initial spontaneous reactions … the most "telling" nonverbal signals.

(Oh, By the way, the program I created for you has the same material I used to teach at the FBI Academy and train counterintelligence agents … intriguing spy-catcher stuff. It’s been tested and proven a thousand times over in real life.)

  • Cardinal Rule #9: The observations you make should be nonintrusive. This simply has to do with not making your intentions obvious when observing people’s behaviour.

For example, I remember the first time I went to work in New York City. My first day there, I was on the subway. A man next to me was displaying some really interesting nonverbal, and I was intently "observing" his every move.

But I was doing it all wrong … and he could feel it. It wasn’t long before he turned to me and abruptly said, "Did you lose something on me mister?"

I quickly discovered that there is a right and wrong way to observe nonverbal. I’ll show you how to do it right.

  • Cardinal Rule #10: Any time you observe a behaviour, determine if it’s from comfort or discomfort. You’ll learn that most behaviour triggered by your limbic brain falls into these two categories.

This is fundamental to how I teach nonverbal communications.

Learning to identify comfort and discomfort behaviour accurately in others will help you better decipher what their bodies and minds are really "telling" you.

Power to See the ‘Unseen’

Remember, once you master the skill of decoding nonverbal, it can be used in all avenues of your life … it seems as if every day I find new, rewarding ways to use it. Let me give you a real-life example …

She Said ‘YES,’ but
What Were Her Nonverbals Saying?

Julie, a human resource executive for a major corporation, told me she began noticing nonverbal after attending one of my seminars.

She put her knowledge to good use just a few days after returning to her job. "I was responsible for selecting company employees for overseas assignments," she explained.

"When I asked one potential candidate if she wanted to work abroad, her whole body shouted back to me ‘YES!’

"However, when I next mentioned that the destination was Mumbai, India, her positive nonverbals shut down completely. Clearly something was wrong. Noting the change in her body language, I asked why she didn’t want to go there.

"She was astounded. ‘Is it that noticeable? I didn’t say anything. Did someone else say something to you?’ she asked in a startled voice.

"I told her I could ‘sense’ she wasn’t pleased with the intended work location. ‘You’re right,’ she admitted, ‘I thought I was being considered for Hong Kong, where I have a few friends.’

"It was obvious she did not want to go to India, and her nonverbal left no doubt about her feelings on the matter."

Think of what Julie saved her company by quickly identifying the candidate’s true feelings. All sorts of time and money could have been wasted if Julie hadn’t been aware of this slight nonverbal "comment."

Been in a situation like this before? Wished you could read what the person was really "telling" you?

I’m going to give you the secrets to quickly decode these kinds of situations and unlock the mysteries in your own life.

Unlocking The Nonverbal Will Change Your Life

Hear for yourself how my system has enhanced other people’s lives…
"A masterful work on nonverbal body language by an exceptional observer. Joe Navarro’s work has been field-tested in the crucible of law enforcement at the highest levels within the FBI."
– David Givens, Ph.D., author of Crime Signals and Love Signals

"Joe Navarro is THE man. This guy knows what he is talking about, and if you wish to increase your net worth, I highly recommend you listen up and listen up real good."
– Antonio Esfandiari

"After 25 years of studying ‘Spies,’ Navarro gave us some great ways to decipher lies (‘tells’ in my business) – I took 4 pages of notes! More importantly to those of you thinking of hiring him, he was incredibly entertaining, and held us all in the palm of his hand!"
– Phil Hellmuth, 11-time winner at the World Series of Poker

"One of the Best Presenters in America!"  – Dr. Phil Levine

Unlock the Secret Mysteries of the World Around YOU

What Would Mastery of The Power of Body Language Mean to You, Your Family, and Your Lifestyle?

For me and the elite few who have mastered the skill of observing and deciphering nonverbal body language, our lives have changed forever.

There’s absolutely no price I can put on the value of this skill … I’m sure those who have mastered it would agree.

And now it’s YOUR turn.

Enter a New World for Less Than You Think

He Thought Their Relationship Was on the Rocks … but Was It Really?

I was with a friend eating dinner at a popular restaurant. My friend was very keen on learning about body language and pointed to a couple seated at a table nearby.

He asked, "Based on what you see, do you think they’re getting along with each other?"

As we observed the two diners, they appeared comfortable enough. But as the dinner and conversation progressed, their position at the table changed.

My client, seeing a few apparently obvious nonverbal, immediately thought things were going sour between them.

I suggested that he not look at just one or two obvious behaviours and told him about what I call "the most honest part of the body." We moved our attention to the nonverbal that that area was sending, and I assured him that here was a couple still very much in love.

"That behaviour is important," I noted. "It shows they still feel connected."

When the couple got up to leave, the man put his arm around the woman’s waist and they walked out without saying another word. But they didn’t have to … their nonverbal signals "said" it all.

What Is the Most Honest Part of the Body?

This cool story raises another key point I bring out in the program.

People observing others tend to look at just the person’s eyes or face. But you’ll find out that some people work very hard at masking their facial expressions.

Well, I can tell you … the feet are the most honest parts of your body. It’s the very first part focus on people how to observe and decode behaviour. learn things about your feet you never thought about before … and how your limbic brain spontaneously calls the shots.

Unlock Your World Today

You now have the keys to unlock this wonderful new world. Do it today. Right now you are missing out on 80% of all this going on around you and immediately be among those unique individuals who truly see and understand 100% of the world they live in.

I don’t know what aspect of life will improve the most for you once you have these keys in your hands. Will it be your relationships? Your income? Your peace of mind? Your status? Your job or company? I don’t know … but you will know once you discover the power of nonverbal.

Here’s to the Hidden Treasures in Your New World,  Joe Navarro

How often does something come around in your life that makes such a profound difference no matter what you’re doing? Not very often, I’m sure.  The world around you is on the move … more now than ever. And you know, what’s happening out there is NOT all good.  So, you need as much of an edge as you can get on your job … in your relationships … and in your everyday encounters with people.

And most of all, you deserve to have more fun and enjoy your life to the fullest.   Eighty per cent of life is a lot to miss out on, wouldn’t you agree? The next time you’re looking across the table at someone, I don’t want you to be left wondering, "Is she reading my nonverbal signals? What am I ‘saying’?"



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