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Successful Networker Are you looking for the sure thing?


Looking for the sure thing It’s been done before, sorry. It’s never been done before, too risky.

clip_image002It’s too obvious.

It’s too obscure.

It’s too easy, everyone can do it.

It’s too hard to launch, it’ll never work.

Why can’t you get backers?

Too mainstream, the man has polluted you, you sold out.

It’s never been practiced, you’ll do it wrong.

You’ve practiced it too much, it can’t possibly be fresh.

clip_image004Not here, this city/market/audience is too jaded.

Not here, this city/market/audience is untested. The market has peaked, nothing goes up forever.

The market is dead, it’ll never catch on… Most bestsellers are surprise bestsellers, because there’s no sure thing, at least not where we want to look for it.

Never stop. One always stops as soon as something is about to happen. — Peter Brook

Gray Lawrence Successful Networker

  Success doesn’t come to you – you go to it.                 — Marva Collins

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