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How to Use Your Subconscious to Change Your Life


“Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.” – Thomas Edison

Clear think cloudYour subconscious loves to do work while your body performs other tasks that are easy. I can prove this very easily by asking you how many good ideas you have had while driving or in the shower. When you are relaxed yet slightly distracted, your mind is often at its best.

Using your subconscious will: Improve your motivation. Help you become happier.  Increase your emotional intelligence.

You’ll see improvement in less than a month.

Even gaining more patience when commuting to work and allow me to even enjoy my time in the car.”


My mind set is changing by setting my subconscious on a certain issue.  I start to see new angles that I’ve never seen before. This subconscious request works for personal issues as well as work related concerns.

The 3 step request only takes five minutes:

Step 1: Picture15Before you turn out the light, close your eyes and take one minute to make a request to your subconscious. It can be anything. I would start small and make it open ended. I wouldn’t request to be an astronaut by the end of the month. Your subconscious is good, but not that good.

Step 2: Picture2Take two minutes to visualize yourself actually able to do this thing. Whether it is getting the motivation to jog before work or eating a healthy snack, you must visualize yourself doing the request that you asked your subconscious. Let’s say you want to jog before work: imagine yourself getting up a few minutes earlier than usual, putting on your exercise clothes and jogging shoes, and heading out into the crisp air. Then you start jogging, watching the sun rise over the buildings, the birds chirping, and you are feeling good.

Step 3: Black picture a man reachingTake two minutes to imagine the feeling that will occur when you are able to accomplish this new thing. How do you feel when you walk back in your front door after a morning jog? Energized? Whatever feeling you want to achieves imagine that you have already created this emotion inside of yourself. Let it sink in, then go to sleep and let your subconscious do the rest of the work.

Your subconscious mind wants to help you improve your life; you just have to trust its vast resources and allow it to do its thing.

Action Makes Your Request Real

You may not want to go jogging after the first subconscious request, but try to visualize yourself going through the motions the first couple of weeks. Then just start putting on your exercise gear and go for a five minute walk. Taking these baby steps will set you up for your jogging routine. Then after a few weeks just go for it. Now that you have your emotions geared toward jogging it should spur you into action.

By allowing the emotional momentum to build, you can create motivation that will help you accomplish things that make you happier.

Dreamers are under the Power of Positive Thinking, are you?


Once a man has made a commitment to a way of life, he puts the greatest strength in the world behind him. It’s something we call heart power. Once a man has made this commitment, nothing will stop him short of success.                                 ~Vince Lombardi

Gray Lawrence
Successful & Ambitious Networker

Your vision is in Your Mind

Successful Networker Be Inspired & Always Creating

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Always Being, Always Creating

If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I’d want to pass along to others…

clip_image001Being and Creation are ever present. They do not exist apart from one another. As God, you are always being and you are always creating in every moment.

Being is the Essence of God. It is changeless, infinite, and absolute. It is the Light that encompasses all of Creation. It is the very fabric of all thought and form. Being is Who and What you truly are and the Consciousness with which you experience all of life.

Creation, on the other hand, is the infinite expression of Being. It is the unlimited extension of God’s Love through both the Holy Spirit and the ego. Creation is the mechanism through which God experiences Himself. It’s the means by which God is becoming Self-Aware.

What does this mean for you? How does this understanding impact your life?

You are receiving thousands of messages from the Universe every single day. Learn to become aware of this communication from the Universe, who is speaking to you and guiding you in every moment. There are no accidents and no coincidences. Every sign you notice, every word you hear spoken, every colour, every scent, every sound, every event and situation is the Universe speaking to you, and you are the only one who knows their relevance to you, and what the communication is saying.

Use your eyes to see! Use your ears to listen! Use all of your senses, because you are receiving communication through them all! May the joy be with you, Rhonda Byrne

No matter what you do or don’t do, change or don’t change, impact or don’t impact in the world, you cannot alter Who and What you are or Who and What another is. You simply are. God simply is. No matter which thoughts and forms seem to rise and fall away within this vast matrix of Light, your Consciousness, which is the Light itself, remains eternal and changeless. You cannot change your True Self. No matter how hard you try, you cannot change the Reality of your Being-ness…. All that you can change is your awareness and expression of it.

Globe on a BoardAs the Presence of God, you have Absolute Power to express your Self in any way you desire. You can express the thought system of the ego in an unlimited number of ways, and you can express the thought system of the Holy Spirit in an unlimited number of ways. Both are equal expressions of God. The only difference between them is that one will give you an experience of what you are not, while the other will give you an experience of Who you truly are. One expression will be filled with the experience of fear, separation, and struggle. The other expression will be filled with the experience of Peace, Love, and Fulfilment. Both expressions are the Presence of Love, since all things simply are, but only one expression will allow you to experience the Love that it is and You are.

You are a creative being. You have the Freedom and Power of God to create anything you want in the world through your thinking. You are the only one who sets the rules, boundaries, and limitations in your life. You can dream, plan, pursue, and manifest whatever you want with the ego, or you can dream, plan, pursue, and manifest whatever you want with your Right-Mind. You bring the Power of God that you are to both ways of thinking.

The question is, “Which thought system do you want to create your life with?”


Cosmic Habit force

It’s the one potent principle that took Napoleon Hill years to discover…and the one that makes all of the other principles exponentially more significant. Start making success an automatic habit. Napoleon Hill

Gray Lawrence Ambitious & Successful Networker

Life is The Sum of All Our Choices – Albert Camus

Successful Networker in 500 words Love is the only Answer

Love is the Only Answer

If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I’d want to pass along to others…

If I only had one word to describe and answer the questions I have posed to myself since I have been a little girl, the word would be Love.

I hands round heartwould wish people were able to reach out to one another, to share, to cooperate, and to serve, realizing there is nothing to lose by being open-hearted, generous and fearless. There are only two emotions – love and fear – that determine our success and our joy in life. If one chooses love, there can be no fear because that person is willing to risk being different, unique, and to walk with dignity no matter what challenges surface.

As a sensitive being, unaware that energy in our thoughts and actions create either our greatest pleasures or our greatest challenges, it was hard for me to observe people, understand how they affected me, themselves, and the world around them. For so many emotions, behaviour’s and reactions are happening around us and also entering our energy field, which causes us to either feel safe or afraid. As we are sensory beings, we must discover we are connected to each other and the Universal Source of life, and as such, have immense potential and responsibility to grow and change, enabling us to live a prosperous, healthy physical and spiritual life.

I have learned this can be accomplished quite simply by following your intuition, inner judgment, developing your own talents and goals and knowing yourself to be a magnificent conscious, living aspect of the Divine Wisdom of the Ages, which flows through the DNA of every living person on this planet. Therefore, when you search within yourself for what makes you unique and special, you will find that the gift of life, your life, is exactly right for your human experience and journey and you will trust yourself to respond to the higher values of Spirit and the Universal Laws of Energy.

Ridding yourself of the restrictions, fears and limitations of your earlier life is the benefit for those who work to go within. Meditation and the study of the magnificent work of writers, artists, spiritualists, medical professionals, educators, and religious leaders – who all in one way or another seek the answers to the questions, “Who are we?”, “Where do we come from?”, and “Where we are going?” – help us to keep an open mind and an open heart to receive many viewpoints and greater love into our lives.

Parents can only give good advice, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands."   Anne Frank

love and starsWhen each of us can go merely beyond our self interests, love of family, friends, and our own pursuits, and reach out beyond the comfortable limits of our everyday life for the larger view of existence, we must be able to let go of human weaknesses-control, manipulation and judgment. Then we will be on the way to becoming what we have forgotten, that we are loving, respectful, compassionate, grateful, humble, patient, and ever expanding souls and citizens of the world and Universe.

Gray Lawrence
Successful & Ambitious Networker

Your vision is in Your Mind

Carrots, Eggs or Coffee Beans Movie

All of us at one time or another have experienced a difficult situation, had setbacks, or dealt with our share of disappointment. Most things that happen to us on a daily basis we can’t control and I can honestly say (with conviction) that it is not what happens to us that matters but rather, how we choose to respond.

via Carrots, Eggs or Coffee Beans Movie.

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