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If I had to select one quality, one personal characteristic that I regard as being most highly correlated with success, whatever the field, I would pick the trait of persistence." Richard DeVos


When you want to assume the position of “Advisor”in the minds of your prospects and clients, you actually have to act like an advisor. This means you do not blindly accept the premise they bring to you when they are looking to hire you.
Which premise is that?

The premise I’m talking about is the assumption that what they are asking you to do (the specific deliverable or service) will get them to where they want to go.
Now they might be right. They might know what they need. But they are not the expert in this area of things, you are. So that means you owe it to them to help them even figure out the right course of action to pursue. This can be done with training from a good advisor or training schools. Like the following link on MLM’s

Most service providers gloss over this. I think it’s because of fear. I know that’s why I did it for so long. When you’re trained in the "system" as well as I was (I had no idea that getting Straight A’s in school was simply proof of my willingness to submit to following orders), even the "confrontation" of asking your prospect why they think their intended course of action is the right one can make you nervous.

Ask, Believe, Receive – just three simple steps to create what you want. However, very often the second step, believe, can be the most difficult one. And yet it is the greatest step you will ever take. When you master believing, you have mastered your life.                                                                                                                                To master believing, all you have to do is tip the balance of your thoughts, words, and actions, from ‘not believing’ to believing. The ONLY thing that can ever get in the way of manifesting what you want, is having more thoughts of ‘not believing’, speaking more words of ‘not believing’, and taking more actions of ‘not believing’, than you are of believing. Base the majority of your thoughts, words, and actions in believing, and the law of attraction must obey you.

Believing contains no doubt. Believing does not waiver. Believing is absolute faith. Believing remains steadfast despite what is happening in the outside world.

Rhonda Byrne

I felt that for a long time. It felt like confrontation. It made me nervous. It made Leading a team being carried on an arrow the way aheadme think they might leave. Eventually I realized that was a product of me "trying to get liked." This is a detrimental quality for an advisor.
The goal is not to get a friend. The goal is to help a client move forward.
So the next time a prospect comes to you and says, "We’d like you to do X, Y and Z… could you let us know how much that will be?" consider NOT answering with a simple Yes or No.

Your thoughts ceate your futureInstead, ask a question:
"What makes you think that’s the right course of action here?"
This approach actually provides a MUCH higher level of service to your prospects and clients. And it keeps you out of the vendor box for good.


Gray Lawrence

Successful & Ambitious Networker

Your vision is in Your Mind

Successful Networker The different​ & the Advantage

“What I find amazing is that when you go out of your way to give to another person, you will also receive great things in your life. This is what is called the Law of Giving and Receiving. You may not receive from the people you are helping, but  you will receive good things from other people and in other ways.” Sonia Ricotti

jokes pulling each others legsLike all children involved in something as a team or group or even watching TV we look fro the difference, do we not?  The one supposed to be doing his or her own thing. Pretty easy right?
We’ve been trained to spot different. Our attention is attracted to different. We are trained to see it in a blink.

Now the system trains you to spot “different” so that it can be separated out. Remember what happened back in school with the “different” kids? Whether they were “gifted” or “challenged,” the result was the same: they got separated.
Different doesn’t work in the system. “Different” kids come in a lot of flavours and require many unique programs to ensure their compliance. But the system doesn’t have multiple programs, they only have one designed for the average drone.

Part of that program shows the drone how to spot the different. The average brainwashed school kid has no problem spotting the kid who is different. From there, social training kicks in and the different are pushed to the side.
Now if it hasn’t become clear, school isn’t training for life, it is training for compliance. So when you get out in the real world, up is down and down is up.
In the system, different is bad, in the real world, different is an enormous asset.
On a genetic level, our attention is attracted to variation. We find the “different” interesting. I don’t know the scientific reason for that, but variation in a gene pool helps insure survival, so it makes sense.

Owel teacherThis is where you can actually use the system’s training to your advantage.
Because everyone all around you is trained to pay attention to what’s different.
As a service provider, if you act, talk and work in a unique way, you have an enormous advantage. You can’t get clients without first getting the attention of prospects.
Are you showing up in a unique way?
Are you even clear about the unique value you bring to your clients?
Most people are blind to it. They’ve had that ability to see their greatest gifts suppressed. And for good reason. Because once you unlock that ability for yourself, you’ll understand just how valuable you truly are.
It’s far easier to control people if they’re worried about being “arrogant,” or “cocky” or “proud” of who they are. You can actually get people to walk around in a state of constant “guilt.” And people say hell is someplace you go when you die. For many, it’s right here among the living.   Don’t fall for it. Life is too short. And you aren’t here to be a fearful drone.    Helping people to recover this ability and

to see their unique value, is what is expected by you should you be the leader of choice.
This ability will change your business, no matter what type of business!  From a company to a single ownership you still deal with people, customers are like staff really and should be treated with respect.  This I do with members and customers in both my MLM’s   (1)   (2)  as an Independent Distributor and it will transform your life.
You are here to shine as brightly as possible, for as long as possible.
Your clients and the rest of the world need you to show up. When would you like to start?   
You Can Choose a Different Path… You Can Become a One of a Kind Service Professional

You Have Something Unique and Valuable That Sets You Apart From Everyone… Now You Can Find Out What That Thing Is and Use It to Build Your Business  The right training is paramount and be that little bit better than the rest!! for my MLM’s I use this Guide  it may not be a tradition business but like nearly all  MLM’s they produce more millionaires worldwide!!

Difference between school and lifeHow to Make Yourself Stand Out Like a Diamond at a Coal Convention?  be better!  The fact is, you already have everything you need right now to set yourself apart from your competition in ways that would drastically improve the quality of your clients and business.    What you probably haven’t done, though, is created the package that communicates that to your prospective clients.

What makes you unique? What makes you a better value than anyone else?

How do you communicate that to prospects so they “get it” like a smack right to the face?  Go that extra mile.

If you don’t have those answers, then it’s high time to do something about it. 

INVEST in yourself it is worth it. Become the LEADER you are capable of!

“Set higher standards for your own performance than anyone around you, and it won’t matter whether you have a tough boss or an easy one. It won’t matter whether the competition is pushing you hard, because you’ll be competing with yourself.” Rick Pitino Basketball Coach, Author and Speaker

Most Service Providers are Great at What They Do–But Very Few Are Good At Communicating the Unique Value of What They Do.  You are the decision of your life and future.

If you want to attract a better job or anything better than what you currently have, it is important to understand how the law of attraction works.  You know that to bring in something better you must imagine what that better thing looks like in your mind, and then live in that picture as though it is here now. But you should also know that if you complain about your current job, for example, and continue to focus on all the negative things, you will never bring the better job to you. You must look for the things to be grateful for in your current job. Each thing you find to be grateful for is helping to bring that better job to you. That is really working the law!  May the joy be with you

Rhonda Byrne

Gray Lawrence
Successful & Ambitious Networker

Your vision is in Your Mind


Successful Networker Picking the right person = Yourself Vision and Faith= Courage

Make time for the people you work with – especially those that work for you. The more attention you pay, the more important they’ll feel. — Eric Harvey

Never wait to be picked for anything, you must make the first move! A positive attitude and belief in yourself is all it takes!!

This requires quite an abrupt shift in thinking if you were brainwashed like many of us as it was done in my school years, It was and still is a shame because once you volunteered you had the nasty school remarks from Every One..often including teachers, I hope times have changed and ‘Health & Safety’ have not removed our individuality! Our own self belief not doubt.  Personally I always volunteered as I did not want to be good enough to be picked, I wanted to prove I was!!

Blue question mark  think cloudIf you have a desire, a dream and ambition (yes as a child it is not forbidden) GO for IT, no matter what, if a sports team; to be a prefect (I not sure if they are still around)  or even for college or university and as you grow in life ‘The Dream Job’. Often here you are picked by, training, expertise or even enthusiasm, this shows interest ambition and ability.

The whole thing is constructed to make it clear that ALL we should care about is getting ourselves picked by someone who has more authority than we do.  “WHY?”
When you step out of that dream and realize that no one certified the people in charge to make the rules (in other words, the people who got the ball rolling picked themselves), pretty much everything crumbles. You realize you’ve been playing in someone else’s game since you were born.

The best part of being a leader? Dealing with people! The worst part of being a leader? Same answer!  — Eric Harvey

And that’s when you go from being a sheep to a wolf. And that’s when you find your power.
Going through life hoping to get picked by clients and prospects by saying the right things and doing the right things is just an extension of our company lap top
Put those days behind you and step into freedom, it is your choice!. Say goodbye to trying to get clients or customers by fitting into their box, listen to their needs and yours will follow. Do you really want to spend your life trying so hard to fit into other people’s boxes?
The very act of you trying to do that is just another way to give all of your power away.

Instead, build your own box and go out in the world and do something with it. Show it to the world. Help people with their own box. Create something that future clients or customers might find valuable. Something that helps them NOW with the problems they are trying to solve. Not because you’re trying to get picked, but because you have value to offer.

Sacrificing individual gain for the team’s greater good is the price of admission members must pay…and keep paying…to be on the team. — Scott Beare

The right clients or prospects seeking what you have to offer  and the training will see that and they will be attracted to you from their vision and your belief of what they see and hear. Listening is the most important act anyone can do, seek what they want not what you want or expect.
4 men going up stairsThey will see that box and they will say, “GREAT.” Now this is something I want to learn more about.”
They will forget they ever had a box they wanted you to fit into and they will ask you if they can come into your box.
And it’s at that moment when you’ll see the proof that you have had the power to do this all along. Once that happens, you will NEVER go back, but forwards!

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” —  Steve Jobs

Your Vision of the future, lies from within
Gray Lawrence
Successful Networker

The Greatest leaders of the world were men and women of quick decision     Napoleon Hill

Successful Networker – Invest in yourself

"To have a breakthrough, you must consciously connect with the invisible forces that are everywhere around you, urging you to go beyond your old conditioning."—  Deepak Chopra

Commit to investing in yourself If you are interested in personal development it is “Extremely important” to you . No matter what it is you want to improve, no matter what you want to achieve, it will almost certainly require an investment or will be much better and be achieved much quicker with the right investment.

Diary penTake a moment alone with pen and paper, start by listing the areas of improvement to which you wish to commit. This is the hardest part, what you already know now needs to be written down.  Do not limit your thought patterns and write down  acceptable self improvement goals, and you can probably add quite a few more to this list once you start putting your life together or even in order…

Take a look around and see what resources are out there which could help youbuild blocks goals make serious inroads on those improvements you desire, they could be a variety of things but one always stands out  “An Extra Income” more money to do what you wish you could do with a little more, time with family holidays etc. Examine them carefully. There are a lot of scams out there, but there are also a lot of diamonds if you look carefully enough. Try to find at least one for each of the areas on your list. Don’t worry at this stage about how much money they may cost. All that should concern you right now is whether you believe they will help you achieve your goals better or faster, or both.

Once you have come up with the list of investments you want to make in yourself and are reasonably comfortable that, at least for now, this is a fairly complete list, the next step is to work out how you will pay for them.  One problem many people have, though, is that after they have paid all their monthly bills there is no money left to invest in themselves.   What may surprise you, though, is that no matter how much you earn you will almost certainly still find there is no money left after paying the bills. How can this be? A Discussion with your partner is advisable

The answer lies in Parkinson’s Second Law. You have probably heard his First Law – “work expands to fill the available time”. But perhaps you missed the Second Law – “expenditure rises to meet the available income”. Parkinson’s Second Law is often applied to bureaucracies and they way they can needlessly spend our money. But it is equally applicable to personal expenditure.  The corollary of Parkinson’s Second Law is that if you look carefully at your spending you will always find cuts you can make without impacting noticeably on your overall lifestyle.

Take an income..

Once you have done this, regard yourself as your own primary creditor. You owe yourself a lot of money, so start paying it back.

Pay yourself first. Before you pay anyone else. Do not feel guilty about doing this. Every day of your adult life up to now you have paid everyone except yourself. Now it is your turn!

How much should you pay yourself? Well, that depends, of course. It depends on many factors. Not least of which is how much you managed to save off your budget – make sure at least half of this goes to you. Some coaches suggest it should be a minimum of 10% of your gross earnings. But again I stress this depends on your own circumstances and budget. Just don’t allow it to be whittled down to almost nothing!

Put it in savings and investments that you resolve not to touch except when investing in yourself.

Create a Second Income

Network in blueNetwork Marketing provides all of us the golden opportunity to obtain our dreams and goals, quicker and with less time than the job which is fine until you have to retire! Then what? On the list at the top under advice and training training is paramount if you wish to succeed with the right guidance from people who know; should be what is it you want in Network Marketing or what you want from it.

Whether you work for someone else or have your own business you should consider ways of creating a second income. You can then reserve most of this new income to invest in yourself (well, the profit on it – as there will always be expenses).   One way you can do this is to set up an online marketing business. There are some major advantages of choosing this route rather than, for example, finding an additional part time job somewhere.

Your first step should therefore be to examine your budget very carefully, with the aim to go part time once your MLM is working. Think as a business person, either an employer or your own business and you need to show a profit. Step back and look at that business as if you were the finance director, it is surprising what cuts you could make and still continue to enjoy life just as much. Fine if you want the basics in life “SURVIVAL” but to get more you need to think outside the box. Network Marketing has al you need and it is part time until you and your sponsors feel you could retire form the day job or survival income job! Advice is always accepted if you wish to move forward and who better than those that have trodden the path before you, This does not happen for any or at least most employees..

Man on stringsThe first advantage is that you will be completely in control. You can invest as much or as little time as you like. As your business grows you may decide to give up your "day job" and spend all your working hours moving your internet business forward – but that is entirely up to you. There will be no boss looking over your shoulder telling you to speed things up or do things differently. Of course, you should also recognise this can be a disadvantage – you will need to have some good self-discipline to ensure you spend enough time doing the right things. That leads to the support you will get once you have decided what style or type of business you are comfortable with and keen to expand and move forward.

The second advantage is linked to the first. You do not have to work on specific days or at specific times. You can choose when to do this work. If you wake up in the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep you can sit at the computer and do something to move your online business forward.

The third advantage is that once you have set up your business properly it willGold Bars begin to generate profits for you even if you do not put a lot of effort in to grow it. You will need to continue doing some work in order to maintain it, so I do not believe it is correct to call it "passive income", but it should certainly generate you high profits for not a great deal of work as long as you have built it correctly.

Be aware, though, that as with any other business an online marketing business will require you to invest time and effort. Do not be misled by claims you will often see that suggest this is a miracle "instant millionaire" formula. It is not! You can certainly become very wealthy if you choose to do so, but this will not happen over night. If the “Instant Income” where true; would we not all be doing it?

You will also probably find there will be a few false starts before you get yourOwel teacher own formula right.  Ideally you should take advice from an internet marketing coach (remember your sponsors & training) who have been there and done that and who can stop you needing to re-invent the wheel yourself, especially with sponsoring and your prospects . This will be free advice as your sponsors will help you before thinking of themselves, They want you too succeed and it will save you making costly mistakes and ultimately ensure you reach your goal faster if you choose the right mentors.

Take pride in how far you’ve come. Have faith in how far you can go. But don’t forget to enjoy the journey." Michael Josephson

Invest in Yourself

Once you have started the Business you have decided to ‘do’ not ‘try’ you can   help others  to achieve the same aims that helped you, often people have their own dreams and goals but too succeed you need prospects, thus creating that second income….Spending the additional income wisely is  not in company shares or bricks and mortar. You are going to invest in something far more valuable than that. You are going to invest in yourself

The essence of wisdom is to see that there is always a solution once you realize that the mind, which seems to create so much suffering, has infinite potential to create fulfillment instead." – Deepak Chopra

Your Vision of the future, lies from within
Gray Lawrence

The Greatest leaders of the world were men and women of quick decision -Napoleon Hill

Successful Networker–Marketing– Products = Prospects

Many successful people have found opportunities in failure and adversity that they could not recognize in more favourable circumstances.
Samuel Johnson once observed that the prospect of being hanged wonderfully focuses the mind. You yourself may have found that your mind seems sharpest when you are faced with the greatest difficulties. Desperation often proves you really are better than you think. But with the exception of an immediate threat to your life or health, there are few situations that require instantaneous action. When the world seems to be conspiring against you and nothing is working out right, pause for a few moments to think the situation through — then develop the most appropriate plan of action, the one that has the greatest likelihood of success. – Napoleon Hill

Your first Ten prospects 

Smiling Group of Professionals --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisThis is the secret of the new marketing especially “Network Marketing”.  Find ten people. Ten people who trust respect need and listen to you and what you have to offer and if they like it, you win. The only issue is what you offer has to be what they desire of course If it is what they are looking for they will each find you ten more people (or more) but if they do not you need to reconsider what it is you are offering either products and or a Networking Opportunity.

If you have done your homework and spoken to leaders in the industry you have chosen then there should be no problem, well only one the ten you have chosen, are they the right ten?  This is where your discussion on the subject in hand has to be honest accurate and above all viable.

Team structureNews of your commitment and support will spread and of course if you continue in this vein your business and your team’s business will grow. Not as fast as you want, but faster than you could ever imagine. This of course depends on support, on-going training and how you build your team and your businesses.  This new approach will change the posture and timing of everything you do and will require more time and commitment from you and your team if this opportunity is to succeed.


Training and the networking company policies will determine the path you must take. Talking to the unknown masses does not and never has worked and cold calling, has never in my eyes provided the right people thus wasting a lot of valuable time that could be spent with the people that are looking and feel comfortable around you “People Skills” are paramount! People are only human and like to be treated as individuals and that they are the most important person with you at any given time or moment.

The timing means that the idea of a ‘launch’ and press releases and the big unveiling is unnecessary, the company if new will do all that is required, but if the networking company is or has settled down there is no need, as the skills and success of the company will show it’s commitment to you it’s products and any new members. It makes more sense to plan on the gradual build that turns into a tidal wave. Organize it well and spend money appropriately.

In time this advice will be standard in the industry of home based businesses, but even after the many years this style of business has bee around there are still those that promise a fortune over night and not even any training.  We have a long way to go, but with company systems improving it is the right way forward and as the saying goes:

`Caveat emptor` or “Buyer Be Ware”


Your reputation is what people think you are; your character is what you are.
You want your reputation and your character to match, but concentrate on your character. You may be able to fool others about the kind of person you really are for a time, but it seldom lasts for long. The surest way to make sure your character and your reputation are the same is to live your life in such a way that nothing you do would embarrass you if it were printed on the front page of the newspaper. Good character means not ever taking ethical shortcuts, even though everyone else may be doing so. You build good character by doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. = Napoleon Hill


Your Vision of the future, lies from within
Gray Lawrence

Successful Networker

The Greatest leaders of the world were men and women of quick decision

-Napoleon Hill

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