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    Successful Networker Be Inspired Personal Growth equals Experience

    101 Ways to Experience Personal Growth

    Manny Goldman    clip_image002If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I’d want to pass along to others…

    There are many forms of personal growth available to you at all times . Below is a list of 101 different ways that you can integrate it into your life right now. Whatever your experience is, there are several ways you can take your Personal Growth to the next level.

    Everything you think, feel, say and do affects you, your loved ones and the global community. The world around you will automatically transform, as you continue to positively impact your life.

    Enhance your Personal Growth today. Review this list and pick the top 3 choices to implement immediately. To see the results happen in your life, you must take action and now is the best time. Support others in your life by inspiring them to do the same.

    Please refer to this list often. Continue integrating these into your life by finishing one and starting another.

    1. Attend live events, seminars, workshops, retreats, etc
    2. Listen to live and recorded teleseminars
    3. Participate in live and recorded webinars
    4. Listen to audio programs/books on CD, MP3, on the Web, etc
    5. Read books, special reports, newsletters, blogs, magazines, and more
    6. Meditate
    7. Exercise: gym, yoga, pilates, cardio, weight training, swimming, etc
    8. Walk in nature or on the beach
    9. Hire an expert as a coach (personal, business, physical trainer, etc)
    10. Talk with a friend, loved one, colleague or a complete stranger
    11. Journal
    12. Visualize what you want
    13. Create a vision board
    14. Set and achieve goals
    15. Take action on your goals and dreams
    16. Be persistent in achieving your goals and dreams
    17. Declare affirmations, declarations and incantations
    18. Set up a mastermind group(s)
    19. Get an accountability partner(s)
    20. Get a mentor
    21. Become a mentor
    22. Coach others
    23. Teach others
    24. Write a book, poem, music, etc
    25. Draw, paint, sculpt, sing, etc
    26. Have fun
    27. Manage your time (schedule what’s important to you first)
    28. Learn from any situation in your life
    29. Take responsibility
    30. Network
    31. Spend time with empowering friends
    32. Do what you love to do – work, recreation, hobbies, etc.
    33. Smile
    34. Laugh often
    35. Be optimistic
    36. Go to the chiropractor before there is problem
    37. Relax on the beach
    38. Travel
    39. Speak with an elder
    40. Spend time with babies and kids
    41. Connect with God or your Higher Power
    42. Spiritual and/or Religious rituals
    43. Focus on your breath – deep diaphragm breaths
    44. Apologize to someone
    45. Forgive yourself and others
    46. Face your fears and step out of your comfort zone
    47. Educate yourself – find programs to develop skills and experience
    48. Be happy
    49. Focus on what you want
    50. Connect and visit with loved ones
    51. Discover and live from your purpose
    52. Attitude of “Constant and Never Ending Improvement”
    53. Model others – study people who have what you want
    54. Be grateful for everything and everyone in your life
    55. Write a list of everything you are grateful for
    56. Watch inspirational movies, documentaries, etc
    57. Surf the internet for valuable information
    58. Go on a date
    59. Schedule a date night with your significant companion
    60. Study biographies of your role models
    61. Say “I Love You” to someone
    62. Have a heart to heart (deep and open) conversation with someone
    63. Get a massage
    64. Take a bath
    65. Talk with a therapist or spiritual counsellor
    66. Garden
    67. Call a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in sometime
    68. Create a life plan
    69. Listen to music
    70. Be spontaneous
    71. Go to the spa
    72. Feng Shui your home and office
    73. Go dancing
    74. Manage your finances
    75. Be adventurous
    76. Eat healthy
    77. Buy organic food
    78. Cook a meal
    79. Do something that brings you joy
    80. Play like you did as a child
    81. Do outdoor activities – water sports, bike riding, etc.
    82. Ask someone for advice
    83. Create a board of advisors for your life and/or business
    84. Start a business – part time or full time
    85. Pray
    86. Relax
    87. Spend an hr/day/week without distractions (cell phones, t.v., computers, etc)
    88. Just Be – be present to what is without having to do and say anything
    89. Attend a networking event
    90. Take a role model to lunch
    91. Do something new you have never done before
    92. Review circumstances from your past to discover what you’ve learned
    93. Plan a romantic trip with your intimate partner
    94. Take a drive in your car for pleasure
    95. Set boundaries in your relationships and life
    96. Tell others how you want to be treated
    97. Identify your values and beliefs
    98. Get clear on what’s important to you and take a stand for it
    99. Be in integrity and congruent with who you are
    100. Invest in your future
    101. Study history – the world and your family’s!

    An entrepreneur, visionary and advocate for the Personal Growth industry, Manny Goldman has been transitioning and transforming his life since he was 12 years old. His passion for the industry is fuelled by the amazing results he has personally experienced and the impact he has seen it have in the lives of his family, friends, community members and colleagues.

    Nobody ever died of a heart attack while exercising their brain.

    Gray Lawrence

    Ambitious Networker

    Success doesn’t come to you – you go to it. — Marva Collins

    Successful Networker Abundance & Attitude Equals Success


    Money is kind of a base subject. Like water, food, air and housing, it affects everything yet for some reason the world of academics thinks it’s a subject below their social standing. Robert Kiyosaki


    What is abundance?  If you have spent any time at all looking into personal development you must have come across this term so many times.  But what exactly is it?    According to any dictionary, the word "abundance" means "the state of having a large quantity; “Plenty".  But a large quantity of what, precisely?  Plenty of what?  The answer, of course, is "everything".

    "Your thoughts, and their amazing significance and impact on your life, are the only things that you can control absolutely and consistently. "  Dr. Steve G. Jones

    Perhaps, more accurately, "everything that is good".  That is not the dictionary definition, which could apply equally to everything that is not so good.  But in the way it is used by me and by everyone else involved in personal development "abundance" is only that which is good.

    "The key to using the Law of Attraction is within your four powers: Your thoughts, emotions, visualizations and actions."  Frank Mangano

    Abundance is PowerfulThis is a very important point to get your head around.  "Abundance", in the way in which we mean it, can only be good.  If you can really take that in and accept it, you will already have removed one of the biggest blocks to abundance which most people seem to have.  The belief that there is something wrong about wanting abundance, that it is selfish, that the things you want are not good for you.

    If whatever comes to you when you pursue abundance is only good, then it cannot be wrong to want it.  It cannot be selfish. It cannot be bad for you.  Know this for a certainty.  Believe it with your inner core.  If you do, you will find it so much easier to achieve whatever you want to achieve.  But if you do not, you will find it almost impossible.

    "We could focus on everything that mattered to us. It is so satisfying to hold a thought and to find the feeling place and then see the Universe conspire to help you receive it. Oh, co-creation at its best." Abraham

    One thing that many of us pursue is "success".  Is it wrong to want to be successful?  Of course not!  How could it be?  Otherwise it would be right to want to fail – and that certainly cannot be right, unless you mean as a step towards final success such as experienced by Edison.  Most of us know this superficially, but deep down there is something in us that contradicts it.  We see other people who have achieved what society calls success and notice they are not always happy and fulfilled – sometimes they are quite miserable and are very poor role models.  Inside, we say "if that is success then I don’t want anything to do with it!".  Everything comes back, though, to what you mean by success.  I would argue that none of those people are truly successful.  They may have become famous, they may be wealthy, but they are not successful.  Decide on your measure of success, ignoring what the world tries to say success must be, make sure it is fully aligned with your inner nature, and then go for it!  You will find, if you do this exercise properly, that your definition of success is a good thing for you and also if you determine to achieve it you will.

    "If you are feeling positive, you know you are a vibrational match for what you want."     Frank Mangano

    Another thing so many pursue is "wealth".  Is there anything wrong with wealth?  Again, of course not!  Wealth is neutral when it comes to good and evil.True wealth is celebrating the present  moment  Everything depends on how it is used.  Look at how Bill Gates has chosen to use his wealth for example!  Some people feel it is wrong to want to be wealthy, believing the only way you can become wealthy is by depriving others of what they need or want.  Ridiculous!  Yes, it is possible to become wealthy through selfish or even illegal means.  But that is not really abundance.  And the Universe has a way of restoring the right balance.  If not in this lifetime then in the next.  But often in this lifetime – there are so many cases of people who have acquired their wealth selfishly finding it is all frittered away in next to no time.  The best way of becoming wealthy is by giving great value to others – who then add to your wealth in return.  Do this properly and you will find you become truly wealthy in an abundant way.

    "You are the only person who can be in control and change the way you are thinking." Dr. Steve G. Jones

    Get your mind straight on the true meaning of abundance and you too can have everything you truly desire.  The Universe is truly abundant and is simply waiting to share that abundance with you.  Go out now and accept that gift with gratitude rather than ungraciously continually to throw it back in the face of the Universe!

    Your desires dream’s and wealth is up to you.  Wealth comes in many forms:

    • A Positive Mental Attitude, has to be the main priority for all of us
    • Freedom of Employment
    • Your Destiny is your decision, Dreamers are winners
    • More Free Time to do what you wish
    • More Free Time for family, before they grow up and old..
    • More Money and free time to help others and improve your own life
    • More money to do what you always dreamed of with no worries of finding the money
    • Saving’s can be a way to release more money
    • The choices are all yours and are what you make of them!
    • The Decision’s Are Yours!
    • all of the above will not be found in a job, less you work all your life in a job or business that will pay you what you deserve, your future!
    • Network Marketing can show you a way it can be the road to recovery, or the road to?
    • These choices are yours, but do not discard until you study these two links “Opportunity Link one”        “Opportunity Link two”
    • If you wish to know more this link is a guide to learn about network marketing

    Your future is in your hands..

    Each of us is attracting in every moment of our lives. So when you feel that the law isn’t working for you because you don’t have what you want, realize that the law is responding to you. You are either attracting what you want or you are attracting the absence of what you want. The law is still working. May the joy be with you,  from The “Law of attraction”

    Rhonda Byrne 

    Life always offer you a secoind chance it is called tomorrow                      Life is more fun when we put our boat in the water Life is not a first life is an open hand                      Living a life that matters does not happen by accident circumstances but of choice

    Gray Lawrence Successful & Ambitious Networker

    Success doesn’t come to you – you go to it. — Marva Collins

    Successful Networker Client Letter Chaos Theory

    Another beautiful writer!  Do click on the link Rain Maker and receive your own information   added PMA only

    The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams. Life isn’t a Dress Rehearsal.

    client letter

    RE: The chaos theory of success

    Success is a messy business.
    I'm going to succeed because I am crazy enough to think I can.You can have a good idea of what success looks like for you, but you may have no idea how to get there.
    Over time, the route may present itself to you. Maybe you get a few steps at a time, maybe just one.
    The fact is, no one knows how to "get" there. A lot of people act like they know, but what they really know is how THEY got there, not how YOU’RE going to get there.
    You can still learn from those folks of course, but you don’t want to fall into the trap of thinking they can "deliver you" to the Promise Land. You’re the one that has to do that.
    As I’ve gotten more experience in business, it’s astounding how much I don’t know. It’s even more astounding just how much is completely out of my control. You can either be a cocky jerk and ignore this truth, or you can be confident enough in yourself to just accept it and go with the flow.
    It’s kind of like how music was. The more you learned, the more you realized how much you had to learn.
    That’s why some of the greatest musicians I ever encountered were often the most humble. They knew they’d never "get there." They were in awe of the magic and mystery of the path they were on.
    They were there because they loved the journey.
    But they were not audacious enough to think they had it all mapped out–or that they could map it out for someone else. They just took one step at a time and never stopped.
    What I know about business is that we have complete control over the inputs. We can control what we do. What comes out the other end is anyone’s guess.
    I was on the phone with a client yesterday discussing a marketing sequence we created. There are a bunch of moving parts and they are working.
    But good luck trying to paint lines from one input directly to a result. Our MINDS would like things to be that simple, but it doesn’t work that way. Teach encourage instruct mentor etc
    In this situation, we’re using direct marketing to create results… indirectly. Kind of funny when you think about it.
    The recipe works, but you can’t point to any one ingredient and give it the award for doing the heavy lifting.
    And so it goes. The best and highest use of your time in your business is to focus on that which you control. The rest isn’t deserving of your energy.
    In the next issue of The Rainmaker Letter, shipping in just a few days, I’m going deep into the science behind learning to control that thing in your life and business that’s responsible for everything that comes your way. It’s one of the biggest and most powerful leverage points we have. And the good news is that we can actually control it.

    In youth we learn . . . In age we understand. Stan Billue

    Gray Lawrence
    Ambitious Networker
    Success doesn’t come to you – you go to it. — Marva Collins

    Successful Networker The truth is Simple

    Giving opens up the door to receiving. You have so many opportunities to give every day.                                                                                                      Give kind words. Give a smile. Give appreciation and love. Give compliments. You can give courtesy to other motorists while you are driving. You can give a smile to the car parking attendant. You can give a warm greeting to the newspaper stand person or the person who makes your coffee. You can give by allowing a stranger to go ahead of you into an elevator, and you can give by asking which floor they are going to and pressing the button for them. If someone drops something you can give a helping hand and pick it up for them. You can give warm embraces to those you love. And you can give appreciation and encouragement to everyone.  There are so many opportunities for you to give and thereby open the door to receiving. May the joy be with you, Rhonda Byrne

    Have you ever noticed that two people can confront the same circumstances with very different reactions? This is a matter of attitude and nothing else. Freedom is being able to say, “Rich or poor, alone or with a mate, physically healthy or not, employed or laid off, I believe that peace of mind is possible.”
    We have all experienced what it is like to be having a perfectly fine day and have a situation or crisis arise that sends us into a tailspin. It may be something small like a traffic jam making us late, or something more severe like the loss of a job. Our response can seem automatic.
    Though at first it may be difficult to accept, freedom depends on recognizing that you’re not upset because of what occurred, you are upset because of how you perceive the situation. Key to Attitudinal Healing is recognizing that you are not a victim of the world.
    Another way of saying this is: There is absolutely nothing in the world that has the power to ruin your day. If you are upset, it is because you have directed your mind to be so. Initially these truths can be hard to accept because you have become so accustomed to giving your power away. Every time you blame another person for your unhappiness you are giving your power away. Stop blaming and start healing.

    How you perceive a situation will determine your experience and your reaction. Let’s imagine that you have a favourite coffeehouse that you frequent. The staff knows your name and always has a warm and friendly greeting as you walk through the door. An extremely grumpy woman whom you have never seen before serves you this particular morning. She appears preoccupied rather than caring about you or what she is doing. As she pours your hot coffee a good portion spills in your lap. Despite your jumping in shock, no apology follows. Your experience is anger: both toward the waitress and the owner, Joe, for hiring such an incompetent person. Then, a friend of yours at the next booth says, “Isn’t it great that Joe hired her!”
    “Great! Are you out of your mind? She just spilled hot coffee in my lap and walked away,” you reply with your best indignant voice.
    “Oh, you didn’t hear the story?” your friend whispers.
    This is your time to step up to the plate 
    Your vision is in Your Mind
    “What story?” you angrily reply, still drying off your new slacks, wondering how you will go through the day looking as though you wet your pants.
    “Yeah, Joe didn’t know her from Adam. He read in the paper that her husband had died last month in a car accident. Apparently her husband’s health insurance stopped, and she was looking for another job in order to pay for her sixteen-year-old son’s chemotherapy for leukaemia,” your friend responds.
    Now, you still have hot coffee in your crotch, but are you still angry? Unlikely. The only thing that shifted was your perception and attitude. Through discovering a reason to be compassionate, your entire experience changed—and there are always reasons to be compassionate.
    An important part of healing (i.e., letting go of fear) is developing compassion. Instead of going out in the world and finding plenty of reasons to be upset, go out and discover reasons to extend love. There are thousands of reasons waiting for you right now. A helpful thought to remember is that a miracle is nothing more than allowing an old grievance to become a current compassion.
    If you ever run short on reasons to be compassionate, remember there is always one good reason: It makes you feel better than anything else you could do.  Your life is Chosen by you, no one else!  Therefore make the right decisions..Start Your Own Business and be FREE!! 
    Read this book on how to realise your dream and freedom

    Gray Lawrence
    Successful & Ambitious Networker
    Your vision is in Your Mind

    Successful & Ambitious Networker Comparison plus Guru’s equals Creativity

    Everything you want is outside your Comfort Zone. Stan Billue

    Do All gurus go to heaven?

    I have this habit that, over the years, would have been nice NOT to have. You might refer to it as, the Guru Syndrome.
    The way it works is really simple.
    Someone shows up on my life or business radar that seems to have it all together. At the very least, they have some of the things I want in my own life.
    At that point, my eyes tend to get covered over by these special glasses that anoint that individual as THE answer to all of my problems.
    From that point on, I go through my life disconnected from reality. It’s like my clarity has a filter on it created by my perception of this individual.

    Comparison is the thief of creativityYou can do this with friends, colleagues, business gurus and a long list of folks in between.
    I realize now that doing this, putting people on these high pedestals, is just another example of how you "give your power" away to other people. I was highly trained in that skill over the years. And despite my best efforts, there are still remnants of the virus lurking here and there.

    No one can tell you what to do. That’s your job to figure out. Yes you can get advice and request counsel from people who have skills and/or experience you don’t yet have, but that’s not a substitute for your own critical thinking and decision making abilities. You never want to disengage those.
    As author Michael Brown says, "No one is coming to save you." When you work with clients, it’s easy to think this client or that client is going to change your life. The day you give up that false hope is the day you begin to take true responsibility for your own life.

    It is not what we give but what we share

    Send the gurus off to heaven and give them some peace. Then get back in the driver’s seat of your own life and Network Marketing business where you belong.

    Don’t waste your mental powers in wishes. Don’t dissipate your energies by trying to satisfy every whim. Concentrate on doing something really worthwhile.

    Gray Lawrence  

    Successful & Ambitious Networker

    Success doesn’t come to you – you go to it. — Marva Collins

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