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    If I had to select one quality, one personal characteristic that I regard as being most highly correlated with success, whatever the field, I would pick the trait of persistence." Richard DeVos


    When you want to assume the position of “Advisor”in the minds of your prospects and clients, you actually have to act like an advisor. This means you do not blindly accept the premise they bring to you when they are looking to hire you.
    Which premise is that?

    The premise I’m talking about is the assumption that what they are asking you to do (the specific deliverable or service) will get them to where they want to go.
    Now they might be right. They might know what they need. But they are not the expert in this area of things, you are. So that means you owe it to them to help them even figure out the right course of action to pursue. This can be done with training from a good advisor or training schools. Like the following link on MLM’s

    Most service providers gloss over this. I think it’s because of fear. I know that’s why I did it for so long. When you’re trained in the "system" as well as I was (I had no idea that getting Straight A’s in school was simply proof of my willingness to submit to following orders), even the "confrontation" of asking your prospect why they think their intended course of action is the right one can make you nervous.

    Ask, Believe, Receive – just three simple steps to create what you want. However, very often the second step, believe, can be the most difficult one. And yet it is the greatest step you will ever take. When you master believing, you have mastered your life.                                                                                                                                To master believing, all you have to do is tip the balance of your thoughts, words, and actions, from ‘not believing’ to believing. The ONLY thing that can ever get in the way of manifesting what you want, is having more thoughts of ‘not believing’, speaking more words of ‘not believing’, and taking more actions of ‘not believing’, than you are of believing. Base the majority of your thoughts, words, and actions in believing, and the law of attraction must obey you.

    Believing contains no doubt. Believing does not waiver. Believing is absolute faith. Believing remains steadfast despite what is happening in the outside world.

    Rhonda Byrne

    I felt that for a long time. It felt like confrontation. It made me nervous. It made Leading a team being carried on an arrow the way aheadme think they might leave. Eventually I realized that was a product of me "trying to get liked." This is a detrimental quality for an advisor.
    The goal is not to get a friend. The goal is to help a client move forward.
    So the next time a prospect comes to you and says, "We’d like you to do X, Y and Z… could you let us know how much that will be?" consider NOT answering with a simple Yes or No.

    Your thoughts ceate your futureInstead, ask a question:
    "What makes you think that’s the right course of action here?"
    This approach actually provides a MUCH higher level of service to your prospects and clients. And it keeps you out of the vendor box for good.


    Gray Lawrence

    Successful & Ambitious Networker

    Your vision is in Your Mind

    Successful Networker Setting up for Success


    "The greatest power we have is the power of choice. It’s an actual fact that if you’ve been moping in unhappiness, you can choose to be joyous instead and, by effort, lift yourself into joy. If you tend to be fearful, you can overcome that misery by choosing to have courage. Even in darkest grief you have a choice – The whole trend and quality of anyone’s life is determined in the long run by the choices that are made." Norman Vincent Peale

    If you are anything like the majority of people you either didn’t set yourself any New Year’s Resolutions, knowing you wouldn’t keep them if you did, or you have already broken most or all the ones you did set.

    It doesn’t have to be this way!  It is perfectly possible to create Resolutions that you DO keep.  And you don’t have to restrict yourself to doing so just on New Year’s Day.

    The first thing you must do when setting goals (for that is really what Resolutions are) is to prepare yourself for success in advance.  By following this advice you will actually enjoy the process of setting goals and achieving them.

    Goals allow you to change the direction in your favourOne of the first things you should do when setting a new goal is to not make it an "all or nothing" goal.  Instead of having only the options of "success" or "failure" create your goal so that it is setting you up to succeed.  One way to do this is by creating smaller goals along the way.  As you reach each one you will feel good about it and be motivated to continue. And having reached that "mini goal" you can congratulate yourself that you HAVE kept a resolution!

    Track your progress towards your goals. By tracking your progress you can celebrate your successes. You can also identify your weak areas and spend more time working on them.  To track your goals you can use something as simple as a basic spread sheet and then record your progress. Some people prefer to track weekly while other prefer to use a daily tracking system.

    Set yourself a monthly, weekly or daily target that you can achieve. This could be something such as reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke or not having that beer after work each night.  As you meet each small goal you are again setting yourself up for continued success, rather than simply having a goal of "I will stop smoking" or "I will stop drinking".

    For goals that have numbers (often business related goals) set minimum numbersachieve goals as targets as opposed to maximum numbers.  By all means have those higher targets as an aspiration, but be ready to congratulate yourself just for achieving the minimum.  Congratulate yourself and feel good about yourself – that will lead to even greater success.

    Setting appropriate goals will help you set up for success. Don’t set a goal for something that you already do on a regular basis. A new goal should be based around something that you are not good at (or at least haven’t tried yet), or one that could be classified as a bad habit.

    Always be ready to ask for help in achieving your goals. At work if you are not good at something see if there is help available. Or is it possible to get this task delegated to someone else? Look for options when it comes to setting goals, especially for those tasks that you really don’t like doing.

    Plan out a method for reaching your goal before you even start working on it. The majority of people who just decide on a goal will fail without having a good plan of action in place first. 

    Even if you are not sure of all the steps just start outlining your first one or two steps. As you begin your journey you may identify other steps that are required for you to be successful. Simply add these into your plan of action.

    One good way to create a plan of action is to look at your goal in reverse. Think about how you might have arrived there and write down the steps. It is often easier to think in reverse when it comes to goal planning!

    A great example of this is having a goal of owning your first home. The last thing you do is sign the deal and pay for the house. So consider how you raise the money for your home, how you choose your location and so on. As you create your list backwards you have just completed a plan of actionable steps.

    If you plan on creating new goals then recording your goals will help you with your next goal. You will have a plan in place that you can follow to a certain extent. More importantly though, your recording of your first plan will highlight any problem areas you had. You will be more aware of them this time around and will know how to deal with them.

    Follow these steps and there is no reason at all why you should not be very successful this year!

    If you would like even more help in setting and reaching your goals, try my program "Resolution Revolution", which you can access here:

    "Resolution Revolution"

    "People who say that life is not worthwhile are really saying that they themselves have no personal goals which are worthwhile… Get yourself a goal worth working for. Better still, get yourself a project… Always have something ahead of you to ‘look forward to’ – work for and hope for." Maxwell Maltz   1899-1975

    Gray Lawrence Ambitious & Successful Networker

    Life is The Sum of All Our Choices – Albert Camus

    Successful Networker be Inspired by Greg Guyatt

    Passages of Positive power I have added as before, the main story in untouched

    "Independent thinking alone is not suited to independent reality. Independent people who do not have the maturity to think and act interdependently may be good individual producers, but they will not be good leaders or team players. They are not coming from the paradigm of independence necessary to succeed in marriage, family or organizational reality" Stephen covey

    You Can Have Everything You Want If You Accept Yourself Unconditionally

    Greg GuyattIf I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I’d want to pass along to others…

    I was studying for a high school exam one evening when my grandmother brought me a snack and started to talk to me about life. Almost out of the blue, she told me that no matter what you do in life, “always think big.”

    Her message served as a beacon for me to follow and lead me out of my limiting beliefs. I began high school as a 6 foot tall and 200 lb young man, but on the inside I was struggling. You see, I allowed the people in my life inside my head and let them wreak havoc.

    Growing up, I developed a stuttering problem and was bullied often. I could have easily fought back, but I never really did because I wanted to be liked, make friends and fit in. My home life wasn’t much better. I couldn’t seem to win my father’s approval and no matter what I did, I never seemed to get a pat on the back. He always told me what was wrong, what I was lacking and was ultra-critical of me in anything that I did.

    The Power of Kindness "Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around." Leo Buscaglia

    I was desperate for external validation. My sole purpose in life was to tell others how great I was so that they could in turn tell me that I was okay, that I was good enough, and that there was nothing wrong with me. In other words, I was giving away my power to others’ judgement.

    At 16 years of age, I began to pitch in the local baseball league. One day I took the mound against a team that I could dominate in my sleep. That day I was trying something new with my pitching mechanics which would make me better long term but it was playing havoc with my control. I couldn’t throw a strike. The harder I tried the worse it made it. That’s when I looked into the stands and I saw my Dad sitting there. It was rare for him to come to a game and of all the games for him to come to it had to be this one.

    I saw him after the game and all I wanted was some kind words…. He looked at me and said, “That wasn’t your best game,” and walked away.

    A few years ago, I finally realized why all this happened to me growing up and that I was 100% responsible. The universe was giving me situations to take my power back, make peace with the past and let go. But I never stepped up. Instead I would compromise on what I truly wanted in life and was plagued by so much guilt that I could never have what I wanted. I had a choice to make. I accepted self love, my power and my value to others at the deepest level.

    Three weeks later I got a call from my father. He was upset, which had me concerned because my father doesn’t show emotion. As I anxiously listened for his words, he told me he was going to need a minute. He told me, “I never told you I was proud of you growing up and I should have. I’m just not very good at that kind of thing…. I’ve just been thinking about it recently.”

    Isn’t that interesting… As soon as I saw myself differently inside, I got a call from my father giving me what I wanted to hear.

    Understand how immensely powerful you can be. It’s no coincidence that my father called after I took responsibility for my life. Your external environment will mirror your internal environment.

    Abundance is a positive emotion; positive emotions create positive energy."     Dr. Steve G. Jones

    "We all want to attract quality relationships with people who share common interests and who will be supportive; using the Law of Attraction can help you create more meaningful friendships."                                                         Dr. Steve G. Jones

    What can you get complete with in your life? What situation or pattern frequently exists in your life that you don’t like? It’s not an accident. You’re responsible for their origins.

    Acknowledge that greatness that already lies within you and become the best version of yourself.

    From The Secret Daily Teachings

    To understand the power and the magic of gratitude, you have to experience it for yourself. So why not begin by deciding to find 100 things a day to be grateful for?                                                                                                       If you practice gratitude every day it won’t take long before gratitude is your natural state of being, and when that happens you will have unlocked one of the greatest secrets to life. 

    May the joy be with you, Rhonda Byrne

    Gray Lawrence Successful & Ambitious Networker

    Success doesn’t come to you – you go to it. — Marva Collins

    Successful Networker be Inspired by David Neagle

    Please remember the quotes are my own not to undermine the wonderful messages under “The Inspired Headings”   Enjoy

    The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way. Robert Kiyosaki

    Face your fears and doubts, and new worlds will open to you.Robert Kiyosaki

    The Power That Can Protect Your Dreams


    David_NeagleIf I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I’d want to pass along to others…

    I just had a great conversation with a friend who was telling me about some business associates who have had a complete turn around on their dream. A few months ago, they were enthusiastic and on fire for their future. Unfortunately, they didn’t keep their mental doors locked… and something negative slipped in, and they dropped the pursuit of their dream.

    All failure begins this way.

    People may have high hopes, but when their perceived circumstances suggest a lesser outcome is more likely (perhaps via an unexpected obstacle), this perceived discrepancy becomes the initial seed of failure.

    Ultimately, it’s up to each of us to choose how we will live our lives, hold ourselves to high standards, and continually evaluate what’s inside the image we see in the mirror.– Eric Harvey

    Being unaware of how this process destroys the dreams of countless people, they fall victim to its seduction.

    Take a look at what happens and how this process works:

    1. We all have two parts in our thinking: One is our dream or goal, and the second is the belief that it might not ever happen. This is where most people start out.
    2. Next, something begins to spark or inspire a person to take action on their dream. (Yet, not having a full understanding of the Laws of Success, they are actually moving in the direction of their dream with a great deal of ignorance. Ignorance is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as a person stays open to what he/she must learn along the way. The problem is many individuals are not open to growth and change.)
    3. Their subconscious manifests an obstacle to keep them from experiencing anything “new”. This new challenge is perceived as a point of failure.

    It is at this point in a person’s journey where moving forward becomes too painful or fearful, and a person usually chooses to stay “safe”. The truth, however, is that this is also the point where moving forward would allow a person to see the bigger win they are hoping for!

    You see, YOUR beliefs control your perception of everything in your world, which in turn creates your reality. If you want to change your reality, you must use new information to change your beliefs AND your perception. Until you see things differently, you will continue to makes choices that keep you where you are. And eventually, you will give up on your dreams.

    Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.– Jack Welch

    In other words, your experiences reflect your belief system. This means that if there is anything in your life you don’t want to experience all you need to do to change “it” is to change the belief that caused “it” in the first place!

    In theory, it’s really simple… but in practice, many people find it difficult because they really don’t understand all beliefs are nothing but illusions anyway. But these illusions are so strong people think that they are real when actually they are not.

    The power of belief is astounding. I encourage you to study its mysteries for yourself and see what changes you truly do have the power to make.


    Gray Lawrence

    Successful & Ambitious Networker

    Your vision is in Your Mind

    I’m an entrepreneur who is passionate about harnessing the power of personal development and using it to add value to all who seek personal development, here is a guide to Network Marketing which leads to an incredible lifestyle. 

    It has always been my nature to share value and connect people whose talents provide a mutual benefit and then watching the magic unfold. Gray

    Successful Networker be Inspired by Becca Robison


    From The Secret Daily Teachings

    It is so important that you are grateful for everything in your life. Many people focus on the one thing they want and then forget to be grateful for all the things they have. Without gratitude you cannot achieve anything through the law of attraction, because if you are not emanating gratitude from your being, then by default you are emanating ungratefulness. Be proactive and use the frequency of your being to receive what you want. May the joy be with you,                    Rhonda Byrne


    Are You Willing to TRY?


    Becca_RobisonI am often asked what made me able to accomplish the things I have at my age. My answer is simple. I was willing to try.

    I’m a regular teenager. I wouldn’t consider myself gifted, special, or anything else. I’m just someone who thinks “I can.” Sometimes that is all it takes.

    I have done lectures and workshops for young people all over the country and the greatest ideas I’ve heard have come from other youth. Sometimes those great ideas never take flight because the kids who came up with them are looking at all the reasons they can’t make it happen instead of all the reasons they can! Thinking that you “can” will soon turn into believing that you “can.”

    And once you believe it – it will begin to happen for you. There are emotional, physical and financial resources available for kids who want to do something great for their communities. Volunteers and mentors are out there who share your dream and are willing to step up and help. They are just looking for someone with a vision.

    I know as kids we say “when I grow up I want to be…” I’m here to say, START NOW! You don’t have to wait until you grow up to make a difference in this world. And isn’t that what we all want to do? Make the world a better place? I believe with all my heart that we design our own futures.

    Ask, Believe, Receive – just three simple steps to create what you want. However, very often the second step, believe, can be the most difficult one. And yet it is the greatest step you will ever take. When you master believing, you have mastered your life.                                                              To master believing, all you have to do is tip the balance of your thoughts, words, and actions, from ‘not believing’ to believing. The ONLY thing that can ever get in the way of manifesting what you want, is having more thoughts of ‘not believing’, speaking more words of ‘not believing’, and taking more actions of ‘not believing’, than you are of believing. Base the majority of your thoughts, words, and actions in believing, and the law of attraction must obey you.

    Believing contains no doubt. Believing does not waiver. Believing is absolute faith. Believing remains steadfast despite what is happening in the outside world.

    Rhonda Byrne

    We have the power to make things happen for ourselves. Some worry that someone won’t “let” them do what they want to do. Do your research, show people why you can. You don’t need permission from anyone but yourself to step up and make a difference. If you believe in yourself, and your abilities, others will too. Your passion and belief in yourself will bring the resources and support you need to make it happen.

    I’m not saying that there won’t be a few roadblocks. One of mine included a rare and aggressive bone tumour! But drawing from the lessons I had learned starting a non-profit as a pre-teen, I found the strength to realize that even that setback was temporary. It was vital to me to get back to my projects as soon as possible because it helped me see myself as whole again, even if it was from a wheelchair at first. Now I’m back on my feet, walking without assistance.

    We all have heard the old saying “keep your eye on the prize.” That works for me. I know what the end result is that I want, and I believe it can happen. That has brought me results every time.

    Don’t wait to be asked. Be the person who ACTS. You know you have it in you. As I said before, all it takes to make a difference in your community, your country and your world is to be the person who is willing to try. After that, everything else falls into place.

    Everything comes if a man will only wait. I have brought myself by long meditation to the conviction that a human being with a settled purpose must accomplish it, and that nothing can resist a will that will stake even existence for its fulfilment. Benjamin Disraeli


    Gray Lawrence 

    Successful & Ambitious Networker

    Your vision is in Your Mind

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